[Plugin] Windows Phone Updated - New Tutorial!

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  • This plugin won't work with the universal exporter. If you want to target Windows Phone 8, then you still need to follow my tutorial and go that route. To target Windows Phone 8.1, export as a universal app.

    That's the problem, I tried using the browser's back button trigger, but it never fire. Instead, the app goes into suspended mode.

    That sounds like a Construct 2 issue - you should file a bug report.

  • is there an easy way to test out trials like with windows desktop?

    the windows desktop plugin has a "test" mode you toggle on and off before export. When I do a trial purchase of the app, i get a popup window in VS for what I want for my result.

    With windows phone, I cannot seem to test trial mode easily. Not sure if user error/ misunderstanding or not. It seems to me, if I want to try the app in trial mode, I use debug. To try the full version aka test if I "bought" it, I use release mode.


  • Does the Plug in help with Windows Phone Ad implementation? Also, will it work with the Windows Phone 8.1???



  • what happens when you purchase from a trial in debug mode? If I recall correctly, debug mode simulates trial/IAP, whereas release is for submission so it works in a live environment (I'm not 100% though, I can't remember).

    slegler other people have added ads manually, though this plugin doesn't have support. It is forwards compatible with Windows Phone 8.1, though I'd recommend using the integrated universal app exporter.

  • thehen, when I try it, it simply goes to a "Fake" buy page and goes back but does not seem to go out of trial mode (is trial comes back still true).

    Perhaps I am setting it up wrong...but I get the same result with the test app.

  • slegler I have not earned enough reputation to send you a private message, so I'll post it here and hope it would benefit other members as well.

    It has been a long time ago, and my memory is far from fresh, but from what I can remember, Henry's empty template for (or something sort of so, excuse my memory) did not work for some reason. What I did afterwards was to copy my assets/scripts and modify the sample game used in this tutorial:Or something sort of that. The main idea is that a standard empty template didn't work that nicely, and I did a workaround with something else that worked (the sample game).

    Again, it was a long time ago. Hope this helps.

  • thanks for the response... I updated my Q in the Forum and posted a simple sample app (the capx file and the VS files). Here was my post:

    I cannot figure this thing out... I have recreated a small test project w/ CAPX file as well as my VS 2012 file if anyone would be willing to glance at it. Pretty simple app. Launch it and it plays background music. Touch Blue Sprite object and it fires a laser. Works in Browser, not on WP Emulator or WP Device.

    Here is the link. http://1drv.ms/1pW5Phs

  • slegler I had a look and my tutorial hasn't been followed correctly. See Exporting the project.

    okay I just had a look through the code. Setting 'is trial' in the object properties in Construct 2 will enable testing trial mode. Simply change to false will allow you to test the full game. To ensure transactions complete successfully, test as a beta app?

  • thehen - you are awesome... sorry for overlooking that piece... figured exporting my project would be fine. Whatever secret sauce you have in your Project Folder is awesome. Hope to put the final touches on the app tonight and get to the WP Store. Like a 1,000 others, it's a different take on Flappy Bird. The only reason I did it was to see if I could complete a project and work out any kinks... which I now think I have. On to my bigger project now.

    Thanks again thehen!!!!

  • where can i copy it to?

  • What can I do with Windows 8.1 Universal Apps sounds and music?

  • Which version does it work ? r158 or r168?

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  • Such an awesome plugin! But I have problem here.. The layout becomes really weird when I ran it in WP/emulator! What should I do? :/

  • Remember - don't use this plugin if exporting as a Universal App.

    If anyone's having any issues, please post a detailed explanation.

  • the main layout seems worked, but the other layout is awful :/

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