[Plugin] Windows Phone Updated - New Tutorial!

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  • thehen thank you so much. This is wonderful plugins thanks for sharing

  • Rodgeweck Lordshiva1948 no problem!

    Just so you're all aware, Windows Phone 8.1 is on the horizon with confirmed WebGL support! It's quite likely that this plugin will be retired and Ashley will work on official integration when this happens. I can't wait tbh, it will save everyone a lot of headaches!

  • I am sure it will thanks again thehen

  • thehen then all we will need is an advertising plugin for it

  • Well I haven't been here in a while.. After I figured everything out (including ads that are really easy to implement by the way). I have just been developing games and now have 9 games on WP Marketplace. (Just realized that I made 7 of those games in one month..) So I just came back here to say thank you to thehen for this amazing plugin.

    If you want to check out my game, my developer name is Turboshroom, so just search with that and you should find them.

    Thanks again.

  • Great!

    Thnx for the plugin.

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  • Hi, I have a problem, the back button no working. How can export to a separate folder and copy c2runtime.js and images across to the project.


  • anyone know what is going on with the trial mode?

    I have trial enabled in my construct project for windows phone.

    When I run it in my debugger for visual studio, no option for trial/full comes up. Even with the supplied example.

    thehen thoughts? the only way I can even test trial mode is if I go to c2runtime and edit this: window["isTrial"] = true;

    EDIT: Like mowgly my back button is broken too. Hitting back just closes the app

  • PM me a build and I'll take a look. If the back button doesn't work it's 90% likely that the files haven't been copied across to the supplied project properly as per the tutorial.

  • PM me a build and I'll take a look. If the back button doesn't work it's 90% likely that the files haven't been copied across to the supplied project properly as per the tutorial.

    thanks but I figured it out. Turns out your download contains multiple copies of your plugin and project. I used the wrong one xD

  • thehen

    After setting everything up, I must say the performance is great considering the lack of WebGL.

    I do have some problems though.

    First, when specific events trigger during game play, the framerate drops to 0 for half a second or so. This happens randomly, one in every 10 times one of the events get triggered. Note that this does not happen on the regular windows phone 8 export.

    Second, at a different event at the end of the level, when I spawn three stars and "drop" them on the screen, there's a chance that the game would freeze and I'd have to leave and get back in to the game for it to continue from where it froze. Again, this does not occur when using the default c2 wp8 export.

    Anyone experienced similar issues? (Tested on Lumia 1020)


    Oh, and I forgot, is it me or is the tag option missing on the play music event?

  • thehen

    any chance for an email action?

  • KFC weird, can you try removing all audio actions and rexporting to see it is causing random slowdown.

    I'll need some sort of repro for the freezing too.

    Tagging music isn't supported as it uses the phones media player, which can only play one piece of music at once. Just use sounds if you need tagging functionality.

  • It appears both were caused by the game trying to play the sounds with the audio plugin, thanks.

    It says "tag" at the end of the Play Music event in the event sheet so I thought I was missing something regarding tagging music.

  • KFC ah looks like a bug my end

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