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  • does anyone know if the back button requirement is changing at all with windows phone 8.1?

  • I can't seem to be able to use the on back button condition anymore. Neither with the browser nor this plugin.

  • I'm having two issues at the moment with the Plugin (which is fantastic btw!).

    For one, like a few others, I cannot seem to use the back button at all (my phone is a Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8.1, and hitting back in the app does nothing).

    And two, I can't find a way to control the volume of my sounds. For this project, I need sounds to fade in and fade out. To do so, I have be doing simple Construct loops (For example: if audio volume < 0, set volume = volume +0.5). This works fine on Android. However, with the plugin, I'm assuming none of the default audio controls work, so my audio "set volume" action doesn't work. And the Windows Phone plugin object doesn't have any volume controls in it. Any idea how I can get this to work, or am I SOL on Windows Phone?


  • hotcakes if you can PM me a build I'll look into the back button. Are you definitely copying the correct files into the directory provided as per the tutorial?

    You can set volume using the WP plugin, and you can store the volume as a global variable.

  • PMed you. Thanks!

    Just to clarify for others, the back button issue was a user error. Back button functionality works fine on WP8.1.

    The audio issue remains though.

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  • Hi guys can someone explain to me how to implement back button, reload from tombstone and the in app in purchase function in a Windows Phone 8.1 game?

  • I got error while opening .. "unable to load plugin in ..... ".. ?

  • Is the new Universal Windows Store export option compatible with this plugin ?

  • I think 8.1 changed the way the back button works. But I think it was only for silverlight 8.0 versions, not the universal 8.1 version.

  • After extensive testing with the new Construct2 update (that allows Universal Windows apps), it appears this plugin is somewhat broken. If I try to use the audio trick as per the tutorial (which was working before), it no longer plays audio. In fact, the plugin is no longer even needed for audio. Windows 8.1 and WP8.1 both work fine now with Construct2's regular audio object. It also works with the standard browser back functionality. So this actually solved most of my problems.


    However, I have a need to detect if a user is on WP8.1 or not (to target a specific event). Unfortunately, the "Is Windows Phone app" condition is no longer working with WP8.1 either. Any plans to update this to work with WP8.1 Universal apps?

    Update: The "is WP app" does actually work, but my condition is just ignored on my first loop for some reason. So I have one gap, followed by a seamless loop. It's an acceptable bug until WP or Construct find a better way to loop audio.

  • hotcakes

    Could you provide me with an exemple of how you handled the browser back button ? Whatever I do, the damned button never triggers, and the app goes into suspended mode. I tested with an emulator, and my own device, same result !

  • If you are exporting as a Universal app and testing with Windows Phone 8.1 in VS2013, the plugin will not work. Not even the back button. You have 2 options:

    1- It seems to work with the previous version of Construct 2 (r158 I believe?) following the exact instructions in the tutorial.

    2- If you are on r168 and exporting a universal app, you can use Construct 2's Browser object to handle the back button. It works natively now.

  • Hmm, I guess this is to do with how the conditional checks work. Just to confirm:

    Universal apps don't work when my plugin is included?

    Games using r168, exported as per my tutorial no longer work?

    If using my plugin, you should export as a Windows Phone 8 app, and follow my tutorial. This *should* be forwards compatible. If targeting Windows Phone 8.1, use the universal app exporter.

  • To be more specific, I can say this:

    • Your plugin does not work when exporting a Universal App in r168. The app still works (it runs, doesn't crash), but all your plugin conditions and actions are ignored.
    • When exporting with r158 following your tutorial, it does work.

    I have not tested using your plugin and exporting as a Windows Phone 8 app with r168. I have already removed all plugin calls from my app since I do want to be a universal app. I can no longer test this.

  • 2- If you are on r168 and exporting a universal app, you can use Construct 2's Browser object to handle the back button. It works natively now.

    That's the problem, I tried using the browser's back button trigger, but it never fire. Instead, the app goes into suspended mode.

    I did a simple test with a text object that displays a global value, a value which get incremented with each "mobile back button". Try as I might, every time I press the button (emulator or device), the app suspends, and when I resume it, the global value did not even get incremented.

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