[Plugin] Windows Phone Updated - New Tutorial!

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  • thehen trying again using fireworks to batch process everything over to png8 with max 128 colors. Then running through the other tool. Then will run the base64 encode and see how it goes this time... I really can't wait for WebGL memory management in WIndows phone... I wish there was a good wrapper for it...

  • BluePhaze Yeah I'm really hoping Windows Phone 8.1 makes this easier.

  • thehen using the optimization had some negative visual effects (white outlines around images) so I tried a different approach and just optimized the largest of the images (anything above 10KB) since I Have over 243 images in the project. That ended up only optimizing about 37 images, but that seems to be enough as after the base64 encode I am now at just under 8MB on my c2runtime.js. I also did a brute export with png8 from C2 before doing any other optimization.

    I wanted to ask though, for Windows Phone is there any option like in Win8 in visual studio to associate the app with the store listing before upload? I want to make sure my info is correct before upload and not legacy app ID, etc... from the Winphone plugin project's pre-existing files..

    Also any news on the advertising functionality? I just can't find a good way yet to put ads in and be able to remove them when purchased like I can on Win8 using the advertising plugin...

  • Hi BluePhaze how are you placing the ads in the Visual Studio project? I was able to make it for Windows 8 without any issues, but I have not been able to figure it out for Windows Phone.

  • I have extracted the plug in files to the correct location, but when attempting to launch Construct, it claims it cannot access any of the file locations. This is despite the fact that I can navigate to, and interact with, said files.

    I have Construct2 release 152. Windows 8.1. Anyone have any clue what's up?

  • gfigueroa I have not for windows phone yet, only windows 8, I was asking thehen if he had made any progress on getting the ad support options into the windows phone plugin yet.

    klanderson7 Make sure they are in the "C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\WindowsPhone" directory, and not in the \WindowsPhone\Plugins directory

  • BluePhaze I was able to add the Ads from PubCenter following this Microsoft Tutorial for adding Ads to a Windows 8 Phone.

    Let me know if you have any issue and I will try to help you :)

  • gfigueroa But can you easily disable them if the user buys your app?

  • BluePhaze I haven't been able to do that yet. For that particular game, I just released it with ads.

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  • Hi guys, apologies I've been without computer access over Christmas.

    klanderson7 are you still having issues?

    No word on the advertising addition at the moment - I've got a large backlog so it may be a little while as of yet.

  • Hello thehen ,

    First I would like to thank you about the amazing work you did on the windows phone plugin :D

    im trying to test the in app purchase function with your example in the tutorial , i have followed all the steps and i have runned the app on my phone device.

    the problem that the in app purchase popup never comes out , the "hat" is always set available :/

    do you think i missed something or maybe the app should be already on the market to test that ???!!

  • thehen Hi. Wonderful job on the Windows Phone plugin. My games run much better with that and sounds work and all that. It's great! I just have a slight problem with naming the game. I've checked out your forum posts about it and it's a little bit confusing. Somewhere you say that you really only need to worry about the WMAppManifest (and I think I did that right) and somewhere you say you need to change some code and when I follow those steps my games won't even launch.. So could you please post some step by step tutorial on how to do it right. Because I have 2 games ready to go but they can't pass the certification because of the name. Sorry for the huge wall of text.

  • L3mon If you do a search and replace in Visual Studio to update the name from the default it seems to break just about everything. If you just do the changes to the manifest you should be fine. When you test your app on your phone just check that the name, etc... show up correctly.

  • BluePhaze See that's the weird thing about it. It shows up just fine on my WP8 device and runs great on it. But when I submitted it to the marketplace it didn't pass. They say the name is "generic WindowsPhonePlugin etc." and that it did't even launch on their test devices even thou I have Lumia 920 that is one of them. Well now that I think of it I did rename the .xap file before submitting.. Can that be the problem?

  • L3mon I am honestly not sure, I have had nothing but issues trying to update the name so far. Anything outside of the manifest seems to break it.

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