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  • thehen <strike>I have been struggling with the plugin lately. I am certain my "codes" in Construct 2 are functional, and they ran well on browsers (and even on Android). However, none of the optimization for Windows Phone 8 (mainly sound playing and back button) is running, at least on an Emulator.

    What even weirder is that none of the functions in this plugin works when I attempt to run the completed example in WindowsPhoneTutorialFinished.zip on the Emulator. Sounds don't play at all (I DID add your converted *.wav files), and back button quits the app instead of returning to main menu.

    I'm not sure how to proceed now. Is this possible that my Java version or Visual Studios version could have rendered the plugin useless on my PC?</strike>

    PS: <strike>The issue is fixed. I missed the part in which I had to use the template coming with the plugin zip file. My bad.

    On the other hand, I'm suffering from an issue with scaling or sort. There is some kind of margin on top left corner and thus, the game cannot be displayed in fullscreen.</strike>

    PSS: This issue is also fixed. The margin setting can be found in MainPage.xaml, near the SplashScreen settings and path.

    Thanks a lot You'll appear in my credits for this game.

  • JunoNgx how did you export it to Android? My code is working fine in html5 / windows phone (except with an issue with the pause / silence music)... However, when I tried using cocoonjs or phone gap it does not export it right. Did you code special instructions for Android? :)

  • gfigueroa issue was fixed by moving the stop all music action above the pause action.

    JunoNgx thanks! Good job figuring it out.

    mertyildiran did you solve the issue? I didn't get a PM.

  • gfigueroa That was a weird question. Getting things right in WP8 is often one of the last things to do, and things should work well on desktop browsers and Android first. If you have read thehen's guide to Windows Phone 8, then it is clear enough.

    If it works on browsers, it should work on Android (with no specification needed most of the times). Things going wrong are PhoneGap and CocoonJS's faults. My experience with PhoneGap was unacceptably horrible, and CocoonJS's builds are buggy here and there. Getting a decent build on CocoonJS is just plainly luck, and I would say both are quite unreliable at the moment.

  • thehen Thanks so much for giving it a look!!!!

    JunoNgx thanks, at least I was able to confirm that Phonegap and CocoonJS are not perfect tools... The game works perfectly fine on the web, and thanks to thehen, now it will work perfect on WP8. Do you have any preference in regards to Android? What about XDK ?

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  • We'll be launching Mortar Melon very soon on iOS, shortly followed by Android. Ludei has been rocky, but it is by far the best solution. Testing early and often is vital, alongside keeping an open dialogue with Ludei for when any issues arise.

  • gfigueroa Ludei's CocoonJS is still your best bet. Try to find the actions that don't work when compiled in CocoonJS (hint: I know mute and unmute don't work) and think of some workarounds (such as play and stop). Not all of them will be fixable, but many should be. Just good luck.

  • Small requested update to the plugin, adding an action to launch the details page of a specified app ID.

  • I updated to 8.1 today, and in the spirit of updating I grabbed the latest beta for CS2. However, now VS won't open my project. Is the WP plugin compatible with the new beta, or do I need to find a work around?

  • WPGamer It looks like you need Visual Studio 2013? Is that installed?

  • I think I might still have 2012 on here

  • Fixed it. Somethings different with the way 8.1 handles Skydrive. I usually have my games stored in Skydrive as insurance in case my pc blows up. In Win8 I was able to save and load to/from the cloud, but with 8.1 I can't load from the cloud onto VS. So moving the folders to my HDD fixed the issue.

  • Cool, good to know.

  • thehen I'm struggling with 100MB of music in the xap file. Not only such size is not acceptable, it is crashing my game (which took me a whole day of testing to find out).

    Music is way important for my game to be compromised by lower bitrates. Is there any way at all I can deal with this?

  • JunoNgx Please read the Converting Audio section of the tutorial.

    You need to optimise your audio. If you unzip it (rename the xap it zip and extract) you'll most likely find your audio is 90mb or so.

    If audio quality is super important, then you'll need to reach a compromise. Any mobile game is going to struggle with hundreds of megabytes of uncompressed audio.

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