[Plugin] Windows Phone Updated - New Tutorial!

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  • I tried "sample rate to 22050 Hz and bit depth to 8" it's working without problem but the .wav audio files have noise so how can i do noise reduction for this files. I'm using Adobe Audition CC. Is there any solution for noise. Just say yes or no it's enough for me I can find on internet.

    And Windows phone plugin has not any "is playing" condition. There is a condition which name is "is device playing music". But it isn't work it is related with device's media player not related with game. Can you add an "is playing" condition to this plugin ? So this is a feature request.

  • mertyildiran good to know - experiment with the sample rate and bit depth to reduce crackling until you're happy with it.

    I've got a deadline on Monday so don't have any time to implement 'is playing' until then. If you could remind me on Tuesday (@henryhoffman on Twitter) then I can get it done then.

  • I converted audio files to 16 bit rate and noise is gone.

    "is playing" feature can be good. You can add in future. (Not urgent for me)

    And I have a new question for you. I'm trying to add web fonts to game. I tried both Google Web Fonts and fonts in my web server. In the browser(Chrome) no problem it is working but in windows phone web fonts not working. I tried a lot of fonts and many different variations but results are same. Browser OK. Windows Phone not working. Do you have any idea ?

  • Addition web fonts also not working on Internet Explorer 10. But on Chrome no problem its working.

  • This is a Windows Phone bug. You can see workarounds here: Font Replacement.

    My workarounds are a little out of date - I'd recommend using the official sprite font plugin.

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  • As far as I understand it; remote or locally, using web fonts not possible. It is an ongoing bug on Windows Phone. I will try sprite font plugin. How did you solve this problem on Mortar Melon. Did you used sprite font ?

  • mertyildiran remote worked fine last time I tested. Yeah we used sprite fonts for Mortar Melon.

  • What is the meaning of "remote". I followed this tutorial and I tried Google Web Fonts at my game. Fonts and CSS not on local, on Google's web server(remote).


    Chrome 30 works fine.

    Internet Explorer 10 not working.

    Windows Phone Emulator and Lumia 820 not working.

    Do you have any idea ? I want to be sure about web fonts before using sprite fonts.

  • mertyildiran no idea I'm afraid. If webfonts aren't working in the browser then it's a general issue. Posting in the 'How do I' forums should help.

    Bear in mind that if the user downloads the game, then disconnects from the internet and launches the game, remote fonts won't be loaded.

  • Okey, I understand the best solution is sprite font thanks.

  • Hi thehen!

    First of all, it is a great plugin and tutorial... I was able to accomplished almost everything.

    On my game I setup a PAUSE button using a plugin for PAUSE. I also "coded" one Silent Music without any plugin. Both work great on Chrome, but whenever I tried to use them at my W8phone it does Pause but the music still continues, even if I placed a condition:

    On Touched Music -> WindowsPhone Stop All Music

    Any idea how can I pause the music?


  • thehen

    When is used Sprite Font(Official plugin) with your project folder I'm getting black screen on testing. But without your project folder/without windows phone plugin Sprite Font working nice. Do you have any idea ?

  • gfigueroa 'Stop All Music' and 'Stop Sound' should work fine. If you PM me a .capx and an exported project I'll take a look.

    mertyildiran can you PM me an example. Just to confirm, it works using my project without the spritefont plugin? Did you copy the spritefont across into the project?

  • You are The God of Windows Phone thanks :) Thanks for your all helps.

  • thehen PM sent... Thanks!!! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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