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  • ArcadEd

    I came across question on implementing Adduplex here (http://www.scirra.com/forum/add-ads-to-windows-phone-8-game_topic65752.html). Looks like it should work though have not tried to implement myself yet. I assume you could use the same technique for pubCenter advertising too.


    I also noticed that the "ShowMessageBox" feature was hidden. Is there a particular reason for this? I've managed to add the necessary code to get it working in my app, but I'm wondering if there are issues on using it that I am unaware of?

    Thanks again!

  • WPGamer what happens if you export as HTML, upload, and open in Internet Explorer on Windows Phone?

    Not sure haven't tried that yet.

    On a side note, I can't pass certification with my first game still cause it keeps saying that the app's name is still "WindowsPhonePluginforCS2." Which it shouldn't be, cause I've changed it in the app properties. Unless there's more places I have to change it?

  • WPGamer You need to change it in the manifest file.

  • WPGamer You need to change it in the manifest file.

    The AppManifest? I've done that as well but still get the error with my certification pdf that the app's name in the games hub is still WPPlugin for CS2.

    he application's name on a device is a generic name WindowsPhonePlugin, and does not accurately represent the application.

    That's the error

  • WPGamer pm me your latest Windows Phone export and I'll take a look.

  • Just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to thehen, for making this fantastic plugin.

    Your hard work helped to make our game release possible!

    Thanks thehen, you're a true DUDE! ;)

    Download Hexzul on Win Phone, for free check it out here

  • Blacksmith awesome stuff! Just played through and rated five stars!

    Congrats on the release, this is one of the best games that uses the Windows Phone plugin so far :D

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  • thehen thank you for the rating, and the kind words :) I hope many more people think the same   <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Why we have to use "your" Windows Phone Project files it seems not reliable. Your plugin not working alone. As far as I understand it we have to make some changes on my Windows Phone Project folder. What are theses necessary changes. I read this tutorial but I'dont understand what should I do ? I need really help I stucked on certification in Windows Phone store because "On back button" event not working can you explain me what should be my next steps ? I'm only add the plugin as a object and add the back button event so what is next ?

  • mertyildiran'm only add the plugin as a object and add the back button event so what is next ?ake sure you follow the tutorial:ncluded in the Windows Phone Plugin for Construct 2 is a ready-exported project that we just need to drop the relevant exported files into. Never export directly from Construct 2 into this project otherwise vital files will be overwritten. I generally have two folders, one for the project and one for the exported files. Then I just copy what I need from the exported folder to the Windows Phone 8 project folder, helping to ensure nothing important gets overwritten.

    Copy the Project folder included with the plugin to a safe location. Next, export the Construct 2 game for Windows Phone 8, ensuring that Minify script is unticked (Minifying works but for some reason performance is much slower on Windows Phone). For more information on exporting your project read How to Make a Windows 8 App -> Exporting from Construct 2.

    Now we have two folders, one for the Windows Phone 8 project and one for our exported Construct 2 project. We now need to copy over our JavaScript and any images or files currently not included (no audio yet - that comes later).

    From your exported Construct 2 project copy the c2runtime.js file and the images directory to the Windows Phone 8 project folder. For this game that?s all you need, but if your own project has files included, ensure they get copied across too.

    Open up the Windows Phone 8 project (WindowsPhonePluginForConstruct2.sln) and we?ll need to add our images to the solution. Navigate to the solution explorer, right click the images folder, select Add -> Existing Item, then add the newly copied image files.edited><editID>thehen</editID><editDate>2013-09-13 22:50:01</editDate></edited>

  • thehen

    My question was actually about the following issue. You are saying at this tutorial: "Copy specific files to Project folder in my Windows Phone Plugin package." In this wise we can make necessary changes on our project folder easily. But we want to learn what are these changes means because of some security criterias. There is no any explanation at the tutorial. I have analyzed the changes with GitHub and here is the result. So I'm asking you for an explanation about the differences between your Project folder and unmodified Construct 2 output.

  • mertyildiran I've no idea what you're comparing there. If you look at the standard exported MainPage.xaml.cs and compare to mine, that will detail the majority of the changes. These aren't listed in your commit.

    Do you have any security concerns in particular? Any additions are listed in the plugin, and any other changes have been visual, like fixing resolution, supporting landscape and adding a splashscreen.

  • I'm comparing these two folder:

    My output from your example .capx :

    <img src="http://mehmetmertyildiran.com/storage/scirra/Screenshot-MyOutput.png" border="0" />

    Your project folder:

    <img src="http://mehmetmertyildiran.com/storage/scirra/Screenshot-ProjectFolder.png" border="0" />

    There are a lot of differences more than a file.

    In your folder:

    +MockIAPLib folder


    +Bin folder(created by Visual Studio)

    +obj folder(created by Visual Studio)


    +//Application.Current.Host.Settings.EnableFrameRateCounter = true;

    -      if (RootVisual == null)

    +            WasTombstoned = !e.IsApplicationInstancePreserved;

    +            if (WasTombstoned)


    -            MainPage m = (MainPage)((PhoneApplicationFrame)RootVisual).Content;

    -            m.OnAppActivated();

    +            }

    +            else

    +            {

    +               MainPage m = (MainPage)((PhoneApplicationFrame)RootVisual).Content;

    +               m.OnAppActivated();

    +            }

    +            {


    Also there are a lot of differences at Mainpage.xaml and Mainpage.xaml.cs


    +    psp@-ms-viewport { width: 100%; }

    -    {

    -      // Indicate Windows Phone 8 platform

    -      window["c2isWindowsPhone8"] = true;


    +    {    












    There can be more differences escaped from my eye. So I'm saying you should explain these differences.

  • mertyildiran these should all be pretty self-explanatory and are on the feature list. Also a lot of these like icon changes etc. are because of updates to Construct 2 rather than the plugin, so check the Construct 2 release notes.

    It's not really expected for me to explain the functionality of every line of code. It should be considered a rewrite, and you're more than welcome to just copy the functionality into your project that you need.

    Both the Construct 2 exporter and my version are based on the Visual Studio Windows Phone HTML5 Template.

  • These "every line of code" are in C# and it can access to native feautres of Windows Phone. At the security side for example, placement of some malicious script into project is possible. Also we want to learn the logic of these differences for development. So in the tutorial, you should explain these differences, at least superficially. This is a requirement for everyone. Am I first person to asking for this ?

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