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  • <center>Time Manager plugin</center>

    Based on my tutorial I made, I decided to create a simple time manager plugin, which you can use as a time countdown function or a time counter.

    The Time Manager is a plugin, which you can create different types of counters for your projects! You can easily and lightning fast create a countdown, time based counter, counter starting on a specific time or a limited counter counting up to a specific time or a counter that keeps counting until you say otherwise!

    You can create as many counters you like, whenever and where ever you like. It's easy to find a specific counter!

    For each counter you have a lot of different options and actions you can choose from. You have lots of different ways to display your current time, you can stop, pause, start and restart a counter of your choice at any time, you have full control of each individual counter you may create!

    To get this amazing plugin, click on the link below!


    New version is out. Current version is 1.10!

    Please be aware of due to changes, a new version of Time Manager may break your existing current project/s which uses a old version of Time Manager. Update only when your current projects are finished, or you may have to re-apply all Time Manager functions. Or use a previous version of Time Manager until your current project/s are finished.

    Update at your own risk!

    Version 1.10

    • Added the Construct save/load function to the Time Manager.
    • Added functionality for the Construct debugger. For the time being all information is set as readonly.
    • Added the plugin into the Construct c2addon package for easier installation.

    <center>Download v1.10 Plugin as c2addon file</center>

    <center>Very simple example file for v1.10</center>

    <center>Older versions</center>


    Download v1.09 Plugin as zip file</center>

    <center>Download v1.08 Plugin as zip file</center>

    <center>Download v1.07 Plugin as zip file</center>

    <center>Download v1.06 Plugin as zip file</center>

    <center>Download v1.05 Plugin as zip file</center>

    <center>Download v1.04 Plugin as zip file</center>

    <center>Download v1.03 Plugin as zip file</center>

    <center>Download v1.02 Plugin as zip file</center>

    <center>Download v1.01 Plugin as zip file</center>

    <center>Download v1.0 Plugin as zip file</center>

  • works nice <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    a friendly suggestion: It would be nice to see the values of the actions:

    "is counting up with a limit" <--- "to 1000"

    [Should work with inserting {0} at the actions in edittime.js] <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • That is a good idea Joe7, I dont know why I didnt think of that :-)

    I have made the change and updated the zip file.

  • How would I display the timer as mm:ss ? Using it to count down from 10 minutes.

  • Nevermind, found out by using left() and right() to remove them. But one other thing.

    I'm using the pause plugin and it doesn't seem to work on the counter. It still continues to count.

    The plugin basically changes the timescale, is there other way to pause the it?

  • eski

    Thank you for noticing that the Plugin didnt scale with the timescale variable. I have made a update where it now takes the timescale into account.

    I also added a expression which only displays Minutes and seconds.

    Please beware that this new version may break your project/s, so only update to the new version if you are ready!

  • Nice plugin. Working as intended.

    My only grief is I cant seem to find out how to reset or restart, or even stop a counter. Any hints?

  • tgm

    Reset/restart the counter, you only need to set the time again, as you did the first time along with the same label name, this will reset/restart the counter function.

    One way to stop the counter, is to stop using the "GetTime" functions and just keep the old value. This will not, however, stop the internal counter.

    I will look at it when I have the time, and see if I can setup some kind of stop function in the plugin, that also stops the internal counter.

  • tgm and everyone:

    I added a Pause/resume function and a Reset function to the plugin, see the 1.02 version above for more information.

    I hope it will be of use for all of you!

  • Great stuff, works a treat.

    Many thanks for the prompt reply!!

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  • I did some updates and added some new functions to the plugin.

    The new version is 1.03.

    I short, I added a "start", "stop" and "Destroy Time Manager instances" function to the plugin. I also cleaned up, and made the code better, and faster!

    See first posting for more information and download link for the latest version, or click on the link below!

    Original post

  • This plug-in is excellent and I recommend it to anyone that is having difficulty adding a timer to their game. My only complaint (not really a complaint) is that the seconds string doesn't go beyond 60 (90 for instance counts down from 30 and then from 60) and that the minutes string is read 00:00 as opposed to 0:00. There are a lot of strings there and maybe more would be too confusing for some, but I would prefer these additions.

       Of course, the author wrote a nice tutorial on adding in the timer manually where both of these "complaints" could be addressed.

       Thanks for the great plug-in. I use it and love it.

  • gamecherry

    Its great to hear that you like the plugin and that it makes things alot easier for you.

    Now to you requests:

    The "problem" with the request to be able to show seconds that goes beyond 60, doesn't really make any sense, since time never goes beyond 59 seconds (60 seconds is really 0).

    But I have already implemented a way to fix that in the plugin. Instead of getting the time string, you can get the numeric value from the counter instead, using the "GetTimeValue"-function.

    This function returns the total milliseconds from the Time Manager counter.And with this value, you can calculate the seconds to go how far you now may want. And using the calculation:


    The counter then counts the seconds up to 90, instead of 60. And you can change that 90 value into whatever you wish it to be.

    It is a little more work than just getting a string, but this way you can alter the counter value in any way you want.

    The issue, reading the hours with a single 0 instead of 00 is a easy fix, and I will fix that in the next update!

  • gamecherry and everyone else:

    New update is online! The latest version is now 1.04!

    I've Changed the expression value for Hours. Instead of showing double "00" when hours is under 10, now will Hours only display a single "0".

    Now it will take a little time before I release the next update, which will be a larger update with some internal changes and improvements. But to make sure the backward compability is honored, it will take some time before I release it. So all next issues and features will be in the next update!

    Thank you all for your support and feedback! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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