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  • CodeMasterMike

    Thank u very much!

  • CodeMasterMike

    It looks like the descriptions for "Start time counter" and "Stop time counter" in the Add action screen are inverted.

    Also, in this same screen, maybe this is just me but when moving my mouse cursor from top to bottom over "Destroy Time Manager instances" the text disappears. If I mouse over it from bottom to top it reappears.

  • MakubeX

    I have to check out the description later, because I cant access dropbox at the moment.

    If the text disappears like that its more of a problem with Construct/graphic driver issue, than with the plugin. The plugin doesn't have any functions to make text appear/disappear.

  • CodeMasterMike


    love the plugin very much!

    I noticed some weird behaviour with the plugin on OR events. Have a look at this capx: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38658788/timemanager%20test.capx

    In the OR event, the TimeManager action to start the countdown from 5000 doesn't execute if the event is true when sprite.count <=0. The TimeManager action only executes when the countdown is finished.

    Notice how the "Add one to level" action gets executed regardless of which sub-event statement is true.

  • funkyos

    Sorry for the long delay to answer.

    I see what you mean, and i have to check the code, but i suspect

    its because the function does a check, and if the counter is running, then it will not be restarted.

  • It was a really long time since the last update, but today I have released a new update, and the latest version is now v1.10!

    With this update I have added support to save and load all timers and counters with the Construct save/load functionality. I added support for the Construct debugger as well, so now you can get some info when using that awsome tool!

    And I have also made the change so now the plugin files are downloaded as a c2addon-file instead for a zip-file. With the c2addon-file you can drag&drop the plugin file directly into you Construct program, making it easier and faster for you to update your plugin files.

    <center>Download v1.10 Plugin as c2addon file</center>

    I hope this update will be of big use for all of you who uses this plugin. To get the whole change list and more information, go to the top original post and get the new update now!

    Original post

    Thank you everyone for your feedback, suggestions and support! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Hello, I've got weird problem with your plugin. It's about counting time in different way depending on hardware. For example- my game time testing on i3 processor is giving correct results (and takes 1 minute), but when testing on i7- it takes ~54 sec. Another situation is on slower machine- then counting time is more than 1:30. Is there any solution to that situation?

    Cheers, Artur

  • achudzik

    That is strange, because the Time manager is using Construct builtin variable runtime.kahanTime.sum from the SDK, to calculate the current time for the timer. So its nothing I control myself in the plugin.

    Do you have other time-issues, besides this plugin, when running different hardware?

  • Works great! Thanks for the plugin. I did find a typo in the description of the actions "Start time counter" and "Stop time counter" though.

    "Start time counter" says "Time count function that stops a counter. The counter will stop[...]"

    "Stop time counter" says "Time count function that starts a counter. The counter will start [...]"

    I assume you meant the reverse?

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  • syncdot

    Yes, I meant the other way around. The "Start time counter" starts a counter and the "Stop time counter" stops the counter.

    Thanks for the find and I will change it to the right text!

  • Maybe someone has already explained this but I am trying to figure out how to save a stopped timer value to web storage so I can keep track of best times to complete a level. I am still pretty bad with expressions but I have tried every variation I can think of with the TimeManager.getTimeValue("label") to try to set a global variable (for the Best Time) to the last timer Value before the layout ends. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Any chance this plugin will be supported in the Arcade? I'm building a game around a countdown clock using this plugin.

    If not, will the lack of support for this plugin effect the game, should I decide to export for mobile or other platform?

    In other words, should I quit while I'm ahead, before I go making an entire game, only to find out it won't play correctly outside of C2? lol.

  • DrSilva

    At the moment all 3rd party plugins and behaviors are not allowed in the Arcade. There are no exceptions to this.

    The plugin doesn't use any methods or other libs outside the Construct engine, so it should be usable for all platforms. However, I haven't used the plugin on any mobile phone platform yet, so I can't say for sure.

    If the plugin wouldn't for, any reason, not work on a different platform, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to write your own timer and remove the plugin, as long as you structure your project properly.

  • sorry for my questions but how can I use it? It seems didnt work for me. the time still running in the background. when my project restart layout, the time didnt restart

  • mustang1968

    I need little more information than that...

    What do you mean with "project restart layout"?

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