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  • The plugin looks great but I must be going wrong somewhere, and it's driving me nuts!

    Whenever I try to display a counter in my game, the text box gets set to nothing and disappears. I give it an initial value of '00' and then every tick try and replace the text with the TimeManager string.

    Here's a screengrab of that part of my event sheet.

    Anyone any ideas? Thanks!


  • friendlyduck

    As far as the screenshot goes, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong.

    Maybe you are clearing out the text box later on, or anything like that.

    It's nearly impossible to guess without any example where you get that issue.

    I haven't had any problems doing as you do in the screenshot.

    So either you have done something wrong that you can't see in the screenshot, or you will have to post a example.

  • Thanks for the reply! I've saved it as a .caproj which I don't see many people using on the forums etc... so I'm not too sure how easy they are to share? I'll keep trying to fix it though, I'm sure i'll get there in the end, even if it means stripping the plugin out and starting again on that section. Cheers!

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  • D'oh. As usual, it was the most stupid of problems. The text box I was using was set too small so the text was hidden when it got set to the Time Manager string! Thanks again for a great plugin and help.

  • LintuSotaRauha and everyone else!

    I have released a new update, and the latest version is now v1.09!

    In this update I added a function and made some minor issue fixes, which you can

    read about below.

    Calculate counter

    With this function you can add or subtract a value (in milliseconds) to a existing

    counter! So if you need to add some bonus time or punish by removing some time when the game is active and in realtime, now it is possible!


    Fixed where the TimeCountUpWithStartValue-function did not work properly. It should work as intended now.

    Fixed where MMSS (Minutes and seconds) and SSMM (Seconds and milliseconds) were mixed up, rendering the MMSS showing seconds and milliseconds and SSMM showing minutes and seconds.

    I hope this update will be of big use for all of you who uses this plugin. To get the whole change list and more information, go to the top original post and get the new update now!

    Original post

    Thank you everyone for your feedback, suggestions and support! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I really like this plugin. However, I am having a difficult time displaying only seconds. The action says 'TimeManager.HHMMSS("Countdown")' but doesn't accept only 'TimeManager.SS("Countdown")'.

    How can I get that to work?

  • pthousand

    Try the expression "Seconds" or the "SingleSeconds" if you only want to display seconds.

    There is no expression that is called "TimeManager.SS("Countdown")", therefor it doesn't get accepted.

  • How to get separated minutes and seconds?

  • Suvd

    To get seperate seconds, use the "Seconds" or the "SingleSeconds" expressions. There is no expression to get just minutes.

    Instead use the "MMSS" expression, there you will get the minutes and seconds in a single string.

    A tip; to the right of the expression, there is a short text explaining what the expression does.

  • If I would like to display the time after the sprite in my game dies as the score of the player in the next layout, how would I do this?

  • Can you add a capx. how can we save time, example save only best times of the level.

    Thanks and your plugin is very good.

  • malvikasavur


    Both of you should look into the expression called "GetTimeValue" (TimeManager.GetTimeValue(Label))

    This gives you the current time in milliseconds for a counter of your choice.

    And with this you can compare, store and display the time value in another layout or wherever you may need the time value.

    If you later on wants to convert this value to a time string, look further into the different expressions under "Time Counter Convert".

  • Have tried multiple times to set Text to Get Time Value but it always ends up as 0, or refuses to count. Any ideas? Capx (not(see edit))below. Thanks. I am very impressed with this plugin but it is driving me insane.

    Edit: Got it working now. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. Will post if I can figure it out to spare others the confusion. Thanks for the awesome plugin. Has made life so much easier. Tremendous work!

  • CodeMasterMike


    Can u update the plugin so it is working with the new Save/Load function of the latest R124 Beta release of Construct2?

    Kind Regards.


  • Savvy001

    I have plans to update the plugin to this new feature, and I will see what I can do the next coming months. Sadly, I have basically no time over for Construct at the moment, but I will try to update this plugin as soon as I can.

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