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  • AnD4D,

    After the glitch a few versions ago, I've had no problems with the plugin. I found that it does not run correctly even though it appeared to render the text correctly in the editor (maximum spacing for each letter at runtime) so I tried implementing the load JSON/array technique used for the standard plugin in the tutorial as well and it seems to work! No more javascript errors either. I agree, though, having a supported and improved plugin would be really good for my plugin-failure-confidence-ometer.

  • What broke exactly? There's nothing in this thread that provides any clues.

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  • I'm afraid I don't remember. I haven't used this in several months. For me it just didn't allow me to run a project when I tried to use it, so I ended up uninstalling. I thought it was permanently broken. Apparently it works now though but with errors?

  • Ashley - When I ran my game in r164 I received some javascript errors at runtime; when I removed the plugin they didn't happen. I don't know why it did that and unfortunately I didn't keep the javascript error reports when my comments earlier in the thread failed to generate much interest - only AnD4D and I seemed to get spun up about it. A couple of weeks ago I tried the plugin again in r168 and it seems to work ok again, so I presume that the error was something caused by the beta release.

    Edit - I just rolled back to r164 to try and duplicate the problem and everything still runs ok - I can't reproduce the errors now...!

    Edit 2 - AnD4D - it all works as advertised, I was noticing the spacing problem in cocoonjs. To fix that I run the import script using an array as per the tutorial for the normal plugin so that this one works cocoonjs as well.

  • Colludium Thanks for the heads up. My biggest concern of late is whether or not this plugin works with the Wii U exporter, but haven't had it installed since I got my Dev Kit. I'll give it a go, but trust Ashley's ability to make everyone happy.

  • So there isn't any problem? If there is you really need to include the actual text of the error messages, otherwise I have absolutely nothing to go on.

  • No problem here for me ASHLEY.

  • If it works on the WiiU, I have no issues, but it might be nice for other users if this was the default plugin. It's a lot more user friendly.

  • Ashley,

    As you're not accepting bug reports to do with this plugin, could you please incorporate it so that it receives official support? Having sprite fonts displayed correctly in the editor would be most helpful, and in this thread you previously appeared interested in supporting this plugin - so I'm a bit confused by your rejection of the bug report I posted (which anecdotally could be to do with more than just this plugin).

    bug report.

    Thank you!

  • I'm not keen on supporting it as described earlier in the thread (https://www.scirra.com/forum/plugin-spritefont_p781357?#p781357). I'm willing to fix bugs if a change in C2 breaks existing plugins, but otherwise I don't think we have a responsibility to maintain third party plugins.

  • No worries Ashley - I understand.

  • I realize this is an old thread but is this addon working or supported anymore? should I not use it in my project?

  • Well, I'm using it and I don't have any problem with it.

  • thechriskent

    Great plugin, verry usefull!

    Can you fix the bug where character spacing don't apply on canvas preview but work on webview?


  • Hm, this plugin doesn't have the ability to set alignment as an action. Any idea how to update it and/or improve the official spritefont plugin to show text perfectly spaced?

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