[Plugin] Send a Mail (Using Mandrill) [DEPRECATED]

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  • DEPRECATED for NEW users -> https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=153&t=167741

    Hello all !

    I present here my plugin to send mails based on mandrill API.

    You can see the repository here

    You can also download the full plugin + example.capx

    You can use it to make things like newsletters or to recommand app to a friend or even to share scores by e-mail !

    Please test it and give me feedback. Please, if you need something to add, say it ! I will answer you

    I've posted a tutorial here.

    To make attachment work, you have to set the name of the future file and convert the file with this site for example to get base64 string which represent the file (in a future version it will be a native implement, you will not have to convert, script will do it)


    It doesn't work on Cocoonjs and Ejecta --> please try without minifying and give me feedback !

    Thank you everybody

    Donate if you want to support me !


    You can now call somebody or text him !

    UPDATE 2 (25/08/2014)

    • Some bugs are fixed.
    • Works localhost, preview on lan
    • Not tested to export (give me feedback)

    UPDATE 3 (29/09/2014)

    • Adding support for attachments
    • Not tested to export (give me feedback)

    UPDATE 4 (07/10/2014)

    • Adding trigger when a mail is sent
    • Adding function to read stats of the mail
    • Adding function to get ID of last sent mail
    • Not tested to export (give me feedback)

    UPDATE 5 (17/11/2014)

    • The plugin was rewritten entirely and optimised
    • Some description and modifiactions suggested by


    NOTE : Mandrill free plan is 'limited' to send up to 12,000 emails per month, or up to 250 emails per hour.

    If you want more options, take a look at the possibilities at this (in "API Call Categories" page and ask me

    FAQ :

    When i verify if the mail is sent i got an error :

    • this is a Mandrill issue, they didn't trigger the event directly after it is really sent, there is a little timeout.

    You got no errors after about 5 minutes.

  • it only worked once on preview. I've exported the project to dropbox, but the problem persists. I don't know what i'm doing wrong

    Can anyone help?

  • armaldio This is amazing!! Thank you for creating this! I dont know how to use php and i was starting to think that sending emails would be something i never would get to do through my app until now.Thank you so much for making this plugin.

  • Could you go into depth on how to make this work?

    I can not get this to work at all and i followed your tutorial.

    Could you show us an example of how to make this work correct.

  • Hello, I apologize for the delay to reply.

    I will look into your problem and I'll post a corrected version if necessary.

    I apologize that this is not functional for you as it is for me, I might's omitted some details and I apologize.

    I'll re-test, I'll let you know;)

  • Ok guys, I've updated the plugin.

    It has better description of what to enter in the fields.

    Perhaps you've not entred an email adress in the "From" field ?

    Can you give me the error log that you see in the console pannel of your navigation browser when you try to send a mail ?

    Below is the updated plugin, please, give me feedback

    EDIT : If you want more options, take a look at the possibilities at this page and ask me

    On the todo list, there are attachements and images.

  • when i call or text someone, does it happen through the net or do i get charged?

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  • Guy, this is not a real or direct call or sms,

    For the calls : It just open the dialer with the predefined number (like that : Just here )

    For the messages, it just open your favorite message app and autocomplete with your message

  • hi hello i try to send a message with the plugin social media but noting happen

  • Hey, armaldio.

    Thanks! This is a great plugin.

    I use it already (for sending Emails), and it works great.

    If you can add attachements it would be even more wonderful!

    By the way, it is important to note that the Mandrill free plan is 'limited' to send up to 12,000 emails per month, or up to 250 emails per hour.

    (I think it's more than enough)

  • Hello publiadds, why do you try ? Sending a mail or use the sms function ?

    Thanks to ear that

    Get feedback helps me work better

    Edit : Work done !

    First post edited !

  • Nice the mailing works fine, going to test the other functions too.

    I have a simple suggestion you may add it soon, it is a simple event:

    - Is email sent successful -

    and it returns "1" when successful and "0" when some error occurred.

  • Good to ear your feedback

    Function added on the todo list

  • Good to ear your feedback

    Function added on the todo list

    Hello armaldio, how is it going?

    Can you add my suggestion or is it not possible?

  • TheRealDannyyy


    Yeah that's possible

    This is a work in progress, I'm in bug correction right now

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