[Plugin] Send a Mail (Using Mandrill) [DEPRECATED]

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  • To send SMS you should try this one

  • If you can add attachements it would be even more wonderful!

    It uses base64 to send attachments. I just tested this for my self and it works!

    Here is an image to base64 converter file size limit is 4mb supports text, images, spreadsheets, documents, but dont know about video, but I imagine the string would be ridiculously huge.


    Take the outputed code and copy past it into the Attachment in base64 parameter of the send email action. Its a long string so make sure you copy the entire thing and don't forget to put in inside the quotes!

    Now if somebody makes a plugin like that... electronic Ergasms would be had all round!

  • it only worked once on preview. I've exported the project to dropbox, but the problem persists. I don't know what i'm doing wrong

    Can anyone help?

    I have the same problem


    it only worked once on preview.

  • ffffff Do you have any message ?

  • ffffff Do you have any message ?

    it worked on preview mode. when I export it( HTML5 Website),the plugin won't work anymore. not even local ,but also on server.

  • Make me time to remeber that but i solved myself thesame problem.

    I was just using a test key from Mandrill.

    Go to your account, create a new key, copy it in C2 and you should be done

  • Hi. The plugin is working great for me on phonegap. My question is, can I use one action to send multiple emails, ie. can I place multiple email addresses in the 'to' field, or should I use multiple actions.

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  • No, in the current version you have to use multiple actions, sorry :/

  • Hello guys, please tell me if this plugin can do the following, or if there is another plugin that can, or if you will update it in the near future armaldio so it can:

    I want the user to click a button, then a "box"(or something) appears where he can enter his own email(from), subject and body.

    From looking at the example of this plugin, I was thinking of having a series of events that present the user with some text boxes where he has to enter his email, subject, body, etc., and then on the ok button clicked event to have something like this:

    Would that work?

    LE: Olso, whats with the every 120 seconds/buttonclicked=1 read mail stats event? I don't get it, what is that one supposed to do?

  • Hello,

    Sorry, i don't really get what you want to know ^^

  • Hello, and armaldio

    I also have that need. Did you make it?

    Your yes, can you help me?

  • fernandochadu


    Can you explain me your need

  • Hello armaldio, excellent work bro , this plugin helped me so much. But i'm still having problems to attach files, i'm trying so send a xml document, but in my tests I'm just receiving a corrupted file attached. There is any way to send this file directly without the base64 conversion? I want to send information edited on construct, so I can't convert the file.

  • Hello ,

    You can try it this way

    Tell me if it fits your needs


  • Thank you so much armaldio, you have no idea of how much you helped me, the plugin worked perfectly.

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