[Plugin] Send a Mail (Using Mandrill) [DEPRECATED]

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  • TheRealDannyyy


    Yeah that's possible

    This is a work in progress, I'm in bug correction right now

    Nice, take your time and try to make it 100% bug free.

  • Mhh.. just tell me what is the best way for you :

    Do I make condition like "If the mail is sent or fail" or giving the status of the mail in an expression ?

  • Mhh.. just tell me what is the best way for you :

    Do I make condition like "If the mail is sent or fail" or giving the status of the mail in an expression ?

    Both would be nice, but the first one (If the mail is sent or fail) is enaugh for me

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  • Plugin updated

  • Added my key, added my email.

    It's not working, not even a Javascript error message comes up.

    I think it's broken

  • Ooh sorry, I did'n mentionned that ^^

    I don't know why but mandrill take up to 5 minutes to beable to read the state of a mail, so you have to wait up to 5 min.

    Under, only a 500 error message come up, but don't take care of those messages, just wait more than 5 min (for me take between 8 & 10 min)

    Sorry to forgot that ^^'

  • Does that mean I have to wait 5 min. for a reaction when I use the condition?

  • Yes.

    I don't know why, I probably will ask mandrill but at this time, code is a bit messy..

    First, I will rewrite code properly and after ask Mandrill.

    Hope you follow me

  • Sure I will

  • Hi armaldio Thank you so much for your work on this plugin!

    I was wondering if capturing a screenshot of the canvas and attaching that is a possibility? I've poked around with Joe's Canvas/base64/screenshot to image plugin but as a relatively new C2 user i'm having trouble working out how to just extract the base64 and use this in the attachment field. Open to any suggestions!

    Thanks again!

  • Hello carlywight,

    I see what you're problem ^^'

    Probably a setting in my code I will change

    Trying differents things and edit my post, stay connected

    EDIT :

    Yay !

    Solution found !

    No need to redownload plugin (no changes to code)

    Do exactly same like that :

    In summarry : You just avec to put in base64 field : tokenat(canvassnapshot, 1, ",")

    Why ?

    Because canvas snapshot retun string in format : ""

    So parse snapshot uri string with "tokenat" and return result with index 1 and "," as separator : it return only base64 string and you can use it !

  • You, armaldio, are a legend.

    Thank you so much!

    Another question for you; does the browser window need to stay open for long enough to upload the attachment too? I'm working on reducing the size, but the canvas screenshots i'm getting on my desktop computer are 3.6mb, and i've noticed if I close the preview window without giving it a reasonable amount of time, the email never sends. Does this sound right to you? It makes sense.

  • I've never asked the question to myself, that's a very good question ^^.

    Hinestly, I don't know if ther's a workaround :/ because I think the app must run until the message is queued.

  • No problems. Thanks again for all your help!

  • How is it going, any news about the plugin?

    P.s. I made a new Icon to fit more to C2's original Icons,

    please tell me what you think about it!

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