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  • There is no rgbAt in this plugin. For that you should look at the canvas plugin.

  • Hi,

    I was referenced to use paster if I want to take a snapshot of just part of my canvas.

    " paster plugin can let you do that (you paste the section inside it, then you download the corresponding URI using the browser object."

    I am trying to make a math scratchpad and only want to save a section of the canvas. Can someone point me in the direction of how to do this?

    I played around with the pluggin but cannot seem to get this to work.

    Thanks in advanced

  • crugh

    You can paste (or draw) objects to the paster object with the paste action and then retrieve that image with the paster.imageUrl expression.

    Alternatively you could use the Canvas object which has similar behavior except it has a "paste layer" action that will assist.

  • Thanks. I figured out what it was...I was trying to paste a text object into paster. I switched to the spritefont and the image records all the pasted object.

    Great plugin!!!!

  • R0J0hound

    This plugin is fantastic! But I have a problem with it (bug maybe?).

    I'm making a 2 player game with split-screen, so I copy and paste part of the layout and rotates it so a second player can play for the other side of the device.

    Everything works except the tilemap, it only paste what inside of the window size, not the layout (like the rest of the objects does).

    What do you think is causing this?

  • The tilemap object is causing this. It only draws what is onscreen and as I recall the paster objects don't change where the screen is at for the pasting.

    I wonder if scrolling to player2, pasting, and then scrolling back to player1 would work as a solution.

  • R0J0hound

    I have a problem.

    I use TiledBG. I load the gfx to TiledBG from loose project files, then i try to paste updated TiledBG into Paster and it pasts not the updated image (gotten from "load from URL" action) but the original before the load/update.

    Same thing happends when i try to use your Canvas plugin instead of paster.

    And the whole reason behind this is trying to find a workaround of this:

  • irbis

    The "load from url" action is not instant so you can't paste right away. You either would have to do it after a wait or under TiledBg's "on image url loaded" condition.

  • irbis

    The "load from url" action is not instant so you can't paste right away. You either would have to do it after a wait or under TiledBg's "on image url loaded" condition.

    Ahhh terribly sorry for that Rojo. I rarely use gfx loading from outside so i keep forgeting.

    All works perfectly now.

  • This seems like an awesome plugin!

    Question for R0J0hound - would having hundreds of these objects on screen be bad form? As in, using them as regular sprites - basically I'm interested in the possibility of "cropping" images by using a stretched textured quad over them.

  • Somebody

    You can do that. The only thing to consider is each instance will have it's own texture. It's not really an issue unless you run out of video memory.

  • Yeah, I was just playing around with it and watching the debug, and realised that each one will be a unique object. Still, worth it for the possibilities.

    Btw, could you clarify the "Draw Quad" coordinate sequence? Is it top-left, bottom-left, bottom-right, top-right?

    Also, I made an icon for the plugin, so it's easier to tell apart - it's based on the idea of "stamping" an image onto something. I would actually like to make icons for all your plugins so they are nice and coherent in the UI. Do get in touch if that sounds interesting.

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  • Somebody

    Oh cool, thanks for the icon.

    With the Draw Quad action the first coordinate in the top-left and the others are in clockwise order.

    So top-left, top-right, bottom-right and bottom-left.

  • Thanks, R0J0hound - I have thought up a system that uses regular sprites if nothing is being modified and Paster sprites if the image has been quad-pasted. That should keep things optimal... now to just implement it.

    Glad you like the icon, I'll see if I can do the rest as well. It's meant to be somewhat in C2's style, just different color scheme, but perhaps it needs a little inner shadow to be more similar.

    QUESTION: It looks like the family system doesn't recognize a Paster object as suitable - is there a way around this?

  • Somebody

    Family's can only have objects of the same type. So a family of Sprites, a family of TiledBgs or even a family of Pasters. Different plugin types can't be in the same family.

    If you need it for the move behind function then here's a solution to that:

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