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  • I have it check if the bounding quads overlap since there's no need to paste if the object won't show. I assumed that disabling collisions wouldn't affect it. Since that doesn't seem to be the case then it will have to wait till I have time to find a fix.


  • try enabling collisions right before you paste, then disabling them again, it might work

  • Hi, is it somehow possible to mirror the pasted image? For example setting the width of the paster to *(-1). For some reason the whole paster disapears when I try to mirror it. Thanks in advance.

  • R0J0hound QuaziGNRLnose Thanks for letting me know!

  • neverk

  • blackhornet


    Wow. That's just great. Very elegant solution. Thank you very much!

  • I don't understand, how do install this plugin?

    EDIT: nvm, i just had to drag the file into the C2 window

  • Hellow, is there a way to know the percentage of the canvas when the new image is copied, example if the canvas has 85% of the new image pasted in it, it will trigger something?


  • R0J0hound

    At first I thought this bug is exclusive to my project, my last resort is to see your demo. The bug seems to be reproduced, see picture below, happens to all right bottom box/filter/whatever you call that:


    Honestly I don't know what's happening. All my browsers are updated to the latest, maybe something had change.

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  • I am trying to make some shadows with this plugin, i have a character with lots of animations, i want to paste it as a shadow, i added tint to make it black and i am pasting it with draw quad texture for skewing.

    My problem is i can't figure out how to flipped the paster.

    Is there a way to do it, besides creating another instance before pasting and flipping that one?

    Scratch that, even if i add another sprite, inject the current frame and flip it, draw textured quad draws it not flipped.

  • nevermind, i just figured out i need to draw the quad points in a different order to get a flipped effect.

  • Here is a little shadow test with paster, finally some real shaped shadows!

    You can drag the character and the light spot around, "S" will stop and start movement.

    Not perfect as 3D shadows, but good enough!

    https://c784d66a80c4c3e91d4c1db3ba975cb ... ZNankyd2c/

  • Here is the test capx for creating shadows with paster:


    Note, if you have webgl effect on the object you're pasting (like tint for example in my case), you can't paste the object with opacity, so in my case i create a separate paster for each light source and for each character on start of light and assign it to the character and then i set the paster object opacity instead, it's heavier on performance this way, but i couldn't find another solution.

  • , This is excellent!! Could you please take some pain to explain a bit math at high level in the "Draw textured quad" functions for the benefit of people like me ? Or any reference links where I can find bit more information on such things will be also very helpful...hats off!

  • You need to take a few things into consideration:

    1. add another 2 image points at the right and left edges of your sprite - for all the frames and animations (we used bbox bottom in our case for Y, but you can use an image point), this is done so when you mirror the image the shadow will mirror too.

    2. spotlight.Y represent the position of the light source, you can alternatively add a var to your sprite with this value, if you want to create a sun lightsource for example you'll need to push it to really high to around -20000 on the Y axis, so it's probably better using a var.

    3. Sprite.X and Sprite.Y represent where the light source is falling, should be the lowest ground point on the same X point as the spotlight.

    The rest is general, you don't need to change any of it.

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