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  • From now on I will release updates to these plugins in a single file, as they are all related and it helps me focus on coding instead of setting up individual releases.


    HTML iFrame: Allows you to load pages into an iFrame in your game / app. Supports browsing features (back/forward/refresh) and the ability to access the HTML within the iFrame on local server. Includes ability to use CSS styles.

    HTML Div: Allows you to place a div in your game / app area! In a nutshell this means you can place any HTML in your game, and even take advantage of HTML text formatting in your games/apps! Fully CSS stylable through events, and even allows you to load content into the div on the fly via AJAX (allows you to supply either GET or POST data too!) In the example, I even have a YouTube video load! Awesome!

    HTML Img: This is my personal favorite (along with div of course) - it allows you to load images on the fly, and includes CSS styling like the other 2 plugins. Has image "On Loaded" and "On Begin Loading" actions as well.

    And of course examples for each!

    Download the HTML Element Pack


    Let me know what you think, and what kind of other plugins you may want! In the future I also plan on releasing a MySQL plugin which will totally take everything to the next level!jessejoh2011-12-14 03:03:48

    Edit by moderators:

    The original user has not been active on the forums for a long time.

    Apparently his original link even disappeared.

    You can check Pode's HTML pack for a similar and more up to date plugin.

  • Great ! Very useful what, you manage to assemble ! ;)

  • Looks interesting, will have to try it.

  • Thanks for these plugins.

  • outstanding!

  • This is exactly what I needed right at this very minute...

    Awesome stuff, JesseJoh :D


  • Whats new? Any updates?

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  • very cool but im interested what you planning with mysql, what would it do?

  • Cool! Thanks


    But is there any difference in 'HTML_Div' in comparison to this new threads 'html div' ???

  • FlashDeveloper: I believe there was a couple of bug fixes, a revised icon, and fixes of errors in the display text within the event editor.

    An overall polish, if you will...

  • jessejoh: I finally made it, about the rotation of your elements. Since I didn't saw you on IRC, I'm sending it to you by mail.

    You can add that to all of your HTML elements ;).

    I also tested : when you put a "visibility:hidden" for C2's <canvas>, your HTML items are still visible ;).

  • I found a bug.

    When using an iframe object, the coordinates for the object seem relative to the browsers window width and height rather than the application window (the canvas) itself. It seems to take the "margin" into computation.

    This is fine for applications that are not using the full screen stretch/resize feature I believe... however when using the full screen auto resize, it throws the coordinates out.

    Any chance of a fix? :D


    It seems to happen specifically when "unbounded scrolling" as well as "full screen (scale)" are both enabled. If I turn off unbound scrolling, then it works as expected but my application is no longer dynamically centered in the browser window.


  • Soldjah - I will do my best with that. Any info on whether that is a known issue with either IMG or Div too?

    Pode: very cool!

  • Hi JesseJoh.

    So far I have only test the iFrame. You can also see it in the example you provided if you change the full screen mode to stretch, then drag the size of the window around... the buttons as well as the frame "slide" out of position.

    If you can eliminate this bug, it would be super cool since I am working on a website now in HTML5 using C2. The deadline is soon, and your iFrame saved my ass basically. This bug is holding it back however, and I would love to use this in the final product!

    I appreciate the time you have spent on this, and any future updates. Awesome plugin mate :D


  • Take a look at this, dl.dropbox.com/u/51270524/SOCIAL-CHAT-TEST/index.html

    • this is thanks to your plugins!!!!
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