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  • Hate to sound like a rush, but... any news on finding this bug so far?


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  • This is working fine in construct 2?

  • This is working fine in construct 2?

    Works perfectly, unless you use "stretch to fit" AND "unbounded scrolling" at the same time.

    At least, that's the only problem so far that I have found.


  • Very good your plugin!

    Now I can do more things with my applications.


    It would be interesting if you put up property or event to create an "ID" to "HTML_Div"

    For Example:

    I'm using "document.getElementById" in javascript to Select Object "HTML_Div," more is not possible, because it does not have an "id" attribute.

    So there it is!

    Good Job.

  • Any chance there's a way to scale the page displayed within an iFrame? I'm actually using iFrame to load another application and I want to be able to scale the app to fit my iFrame, any ideas?

  • brent_hamel: The bug is tied to this one here. The iFrame plugin uses the same system of position update as the button plugin.

    Once it's fully fixed for the button (which is the case apparently, but another bug appeared in the scale mode) it should only be a matter of copy/paste in the iFrame plugin to fix.

    Let's also hope jessejoh will update the plugin for maintenance sake.

  • and how about a way to disable the damned scrollbars lol

  • Kyatric I did a bit of reading and it appears that the iFrame element isn't built to be able to scale its content, so the iFrame needs to the sized to what its displaying, as it can't be the other way around. Perhaps there is some more information I haven't come across yet, but that seems to be the info floating around out there about it :(

  • It also seems that on iOS devices, the scroll bar does not appear in the iframe, and so it automatically resizes itself to the required height (width is not affected) to fit all of the page information.

    This is a real problem, since when you want to scroll down, it causes some really weird canvas issues with the layout, since inherently the webGL canvas can't scroll or zoom in iOS... at least not that I can figure out.

    The only way I can find around this, is to use a completely different method (instead of an iframe) for people on iOS... but the iframe is the nicer solution if only it would stay the size it's supposed to be and not screw up the rest of the page :/

    Also, I'm not sure what happened to JesseJoh... don't think he's coming back any time soon. :(


  • Hello Can I use it for Connect my PHP with MySQL?

  • tavitooo: to access a PHP script you'd rather use the AJAX built-in plugin.

    Practical examples of AJAX/PHP use are available in the how do I FAQ.

  • Update on the iOS issue. Kyatric discovered as I had suspected... it is a problem specifically with iOS and Safari. There is no way around it, at this time.


  • Amazing thanks!

  • Download the HTML Element Pack

    The Download-Link is broken? <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    TIA & Greetings ... Peter

  • Indeed, link appear to be broken and jessejoh hasn't visited the site in two weeks.

    Nevertheless some temporary upload in the meantime.

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