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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • Joe7 : in a few days, I'm going to post a new update to the pack, with a more robust CSS3D support, and that bug should be ironed out.

  • Same JSON call bug over here. Anyone got any other way to pop an external link up in a text box in the canvas?

  • pretentiousgit: You can "make your own link" by using the browser's object action "Go to url".

    No need for a plugin or ways around.

  • Hi all. Bumping the marginwidth, marginheight, border options for iframe.

    Also, when exported to mobile (phonegap tested) if you open external html with iframe the app crashes. may have something to do with loosing wifi signal during app activity (connected to wifi, launched app, lost wifi signal, opened some page in iframe -> crash "the connection to the server was unsuccessful", one button "ok" when pressed app exits).

  • Thanks for great plugins. However, when I use those plugins, they will cause the webpage vertical elongation. Have any solutions for this?


  • Would it be possible to pause the game and load another c2 game inside the div?


    Main Game

    -> div with Character Creation / Development Game

    -> upload to roar, playmobi or whatever

    -> close and back to main game

    -> refresh data via ajax from roar, playmobi etc

  • Pode great plugin! but im having problems with the iFrame and Img rotation on google chrome, when i change the angle, the content part (either img or web) rotates correctly, but the "container" rotates in the oposite direction, i uploaded this example to explain it better:


    also you can try scrolling the main web, the mask keep the same screen position, is like looking through a window the html content.

    It is possible to "render" a web content or image from URL to a Sprite in construct 2?

    PD: sorry for my bad english.

  • Lord : oh Lord ! <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    As I said in the other thread, there a some bugs with the HTML Pack (I'm not their initial author, I just released some modifications, since JesseJoh is busy). I'm going to try to check that next week.

    And for your question about injecting image into C2 Sprite, you can use that : http://www.scirra.com/forum/behavior-inject-base64-string-as-sprite-image_topic50604_post318814.html (it's not very useful to inject web content in a Sprite, but it useful for an image. But if you have a use case, I can think about that).

  • Pode im trying to make a slideshow app with simple game features, i wanted to deploy it in mobile devices loading the user photos on the fly, but it can also work loading the images from a flikr account or from the web. I need to animate the image, so the best option would be to change the sprite texture at runtime so i can do rotations, movement, scale, fade, etc.

  • Lord : OK. So if you want to inject images in a Sprite, you can use the behavior I gave the link to.

  • I seem to be having a problem with the IMG_Pode plugin when using the action "Set image URL to..." Everything goes black except the image. When I use your example file, it does something I don't know how to describe :)


  • Very useful ! ! ! <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thank you very much <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for the plugin - I'm definitely using it :)

    God bless :)

  • Any idea's on how to frameBorder="0" on iframe?

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  • Your link to the plug-in is broken, my friend.

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