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  • Fireche

    You might not need rex_date plugin if you does not need to parse expression:CurLoginTimestamp.

    but I cant even open the demo because I dont have the date plugin. Can you upload it without the parsing inside so I can open it too? :>

  • Okey, I had updated the sample capx of firebase_singleLogin.

    BTW, here is a small tool which can download/unzip/install all my plugins.

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  • rexrainbow still not updated for me. It still requires Date. But I just downloaded your date plugin^^ i think its easier this way

  • Fireche

    It is easier indeed. I forgot to remove date plugin from project before.

  • Update

    Upgrade firebase api plugin to v3.0.5.


    I could not get useful error message from the image you provided, therefor I suggested that the error was came from login by facebook.

    I tried to login by facebook ( sample capx ) today with newest firebase api plugin, it worked fine.

  • rexrainbow

    Thanks for the reply.

    I updated C2 to latest beta, and it seems to be working now same as before.

  • Update

    rex_firebase_leaderboard, rex_parse_leaderboard

    • Add "Action:Add to score" to add a value to current score
    • Add parameter "Post condition" to "Action:Post score", to post score if new score is greater / less than old score.
  • Hi,

    I found a solution to set cors of firebase's storage - reference.


    1. Install gsutil

    2.. Add cors.json file in local, for example, put in d:\cors.json

    3. Type command "gsutil cors set d:\cors.json gs://exampleproject.appspot.com" in command line window. Replace exampleproject.appspot.com by your storageBucket link.

    Example of cors.json, replace * by your domain of application.

    [ { "origin":


    "method": ["GET"],

    "maxAgeSeconds": 3600



  • rexrainbow

    Hi RexRainbow.

    Thank you for you great plugins.

    It very useful, but it have a small bug. Please take a look at this screenshot.

    It happen often, why i'm developing my game. I don't know if it will happen when go production or not.

    Thank you for your help.

  • mickeyboy

    I did not see this kind of error message before.

    Could you provide a simple test capx to reproduce this bug?

  • rexrainbow there is a problem with the login plugin. If you have 2 tabs open and login with let's say...facebook and then switch to the other tab and login with google while the facebook login is trying to login, then you get logged in twice with google account even if you use the single-login plugin. :/

  • Fireche

    I tested login in 2 tabs, as you said. I saw 1 tab logged with facebook, the other was google. It worked well.

    Do you mean that one user can create 2 accounts by facebook and google even the email are the same?

  • rexrainbow thank you. I realised that the problem was with the SaveSlot-Plugin. But while fixing it I stumbled across another problem: SingleLogin works just fine, except when I do the following:

    -open 2 tabs

    -login with fb in tab 1, then while it's trying to login I go to tab 2 and login with fb --> both tabs login with facebook without problem.

    Here are my events: http://prntscr.com/bqpi6l

    any idea why it doesn't work properly?

  • Fireche

    Add "Action:Logging out" (rex_firebase_authentication) under "Condition:On kicked" (rex_firebase_singleLogin) to logging out.

    "Condition:On kicked" (rex_firebase_singleLogin) is only a signal to tell current user that he had been kicked.

    I will add more words for this action, thanks for reply.

    rex_firebase_singleLogin can also detect multiple login of parse since login with parse also could get an userID.

  • rexrainbow

    Thank you. Keep up the good work. Your plugins are hella useful

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