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  • Would firebase be any good for storing all kind of player data, not only highscores? I was thinking everything from shots fired, deaths, kills, missions completed, etc etc? Even for tracking ingame Achievments?

  • tunepunk

    Yes, you could use it to save game data.

    Here is an application plugin of saving game data. Or you could use basic plugin to build your own data structure.

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  • Update old "big map" demo to api v3 version - link: Big map ( Capx )


    1. characters move on a big map

    2. online users list

    3. broadcast chat messages.

  • Hey rexrainbow what are your thoughts on Firebase v3? I had taken a look at the newer api and it seemed much more complicated which made me sad since it used to be so easy to use.

  • Which plugin is complicated? rex_firebase_itembook?

  • rexrainbow oh no, I wasn't saying your plugins were complicated, just the Firebase API itself. I had worked with it before using just REST url calls but with all the changes to Firebase it seems a bit more complicated now

  • I had never user REST url before. My plugins are all javascript ("For web" section in document), it had some small changed, too.

  • rexrainbow

    Hello, does cocoon.io support firebase v3? At least Webview+

  • I have no idea. My friend had tested these firebase plugins are compatible with Cordova(Phonegap).

  • Hello, great job on the plugins!

    I have a question regarding firebase authentication plugin.

    I'm confused by the "remember combo (persisting type)" for "Login by authentication provider".

    Not sure if I understand it right. Is it used to automatically reauthenticate the user who has already logged in (i.e. with facebook) before, and then exited the game?

    Do I save his "AccessToken" (maybe in local storage) and do a check if it exists next time he gets back and if exists do the "login with auth token" or is this meant to be used in a different way?

    I'm relatively new to C2 and trying to learn as much as possible.

    Thanks in advance! Cheers!

  • mvitlov

    That feature only worked for old firebase (v2) api plugin.

    Since the c2 application always stay in a page, I had not tested the case of go to other page.

  • Hi Rex,

    Thank you for your great plugins.

    But i have a problem when using "On Disconnected" condition.

    I don't know it is a bug or something but when i put a action in "On Disconnected" condition it always run even when my app is connected to firebase.

    Hope you can help.

    Thank you.

  • mickeyboy

    Yes, "Condition:On disconnected" will be triggered once while app started. It means connection from off (disconnected) to on. Is it a good idea that ignoring first "disconnected" trigger before "on connected"?

  • Thank you for your answer, but "Condition: on disconnected" still trigger after "on connected" trigger. I was try to add key and a value when "on connected" and delete it when "on disconnected", the result is the value is added but deleted immediately after this.

  • mickeyboy

    Could you provide your simple test capx for this case?

    In my test, the disconnected after on connected will not happen, except I disconnect manually by "action: go offline".

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