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  • rexrainbow I added the Action:Logging out as you said but there is no change~ hmmm

  • Fireche

    I dig into old document of firebase -

    "Once a user authenticates to your app, Firebase manages their session, ensuring that the user is remembered across browser or application restarts. "

    And in my testing of login in one browser with two tabs, they will share the same login status -- login or logging out at the same time.

    Single-login plugin could not work perfect in this case. "Action:Logging out" under kicking condition will log out these 2 tabs. ~ hmmm

    I will try to survey more detail about login configuration.

  • Update


    Add "Condition:On login by other app", "Condition:On logged out by other app".

    They will be triggered while login by other tab already, or logged out by other tab. ( login status will be shared in all tabs )


    These signals might help you to do some remedy if player try to login in multiple tabs.

  • rexrainbow

    thank you. It somehwat works now, even tho it's still a bit buggy sometimes. The main problem is definitly that the login status is shared over all tabs.

  • Update


    Add Expression:PhotoURL to get photo URL from login provider, 3.x only. It could be used to load photo image into sprite ( action: load image from URL ) - sample capx

  • Hi,

    in an answer to my last post, "https://www.scirra.com/forum/how-do-i-gt-browser-game-lt_t178985" , I was told about FireBase.

    Is Firebase a good choice to solve my problem and can I host it by myself?

    Thank you!

  • m1ch43l

    Firebase is a cloud data storage hosted by google, i.e. user could NOT have his own private firebase server because that the source code does not release.

    Moreover, "all actions should be continued while the user is offline" means that it needs a server code with tick in 5 minute intervals. But firebase does not have cloud code, it could not tick every 5 minute. A workaround solution is to create another capx (project) to run the ticking logic.

  • Fireche

    From this thread -

    "Session durations are infinite now by design", the workaround is logged out while page load (on start of layout).

  • rexrainbow

    Hi, rex.

    Why command

    returns me not remained time, but elapsed like this?
    returns "NaN"?
  • Update

    rex_firebase_timer: fix bug in expression:LastTimeoutInterval, LastRemainInterval, LastElapsedTime. ( sample capx )

    Try this new updating, thanks for your reply.

  • rexrainbow

    Thx for fix. One more question about "Timer". Why does

    Get timer[/code:3rjbvjap] 
    create new timer? I thought 
    [code:3rjbvjap]Start timer[/code:3rjbvjap] 
    has to make it.
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  • "Start timer" will reset timer.

    "Get timer" will

    • get current status of timer while timer exists
    • "start timer" while timer dose not exist

    Since designer uses "get timer" usually, I merge "start timer" into "get timer", thus designer does not need to check timer first , "start timer" if not exists.

  • I've given up trying to get the Google play plug to work for xdk Android.

    Any idea if Firebase will work without some obscure xdk plug?

  • newt

    I did not try to use intel XDK or cocoon.io for my plugins, sorry I have no idea.

    You might check this post

    [quote:qwftpagd]you have to add "In App Browser Plugin" to make it work. You may find "In App Browser Plugin" from Cranberrygames's work.

  • Alright, I'll do some testing.


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