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  • Update

    Change the behavior of "Condition:On disconnected" in rex_firebase plugin -

    "Condition:On disconnected" will be triggered while disconnected after connected.

  • rexrainbow

    Thank you. It working fine now, my mistakes.

  • Hello rex,

    Is it possible to make somithing like terminal (Server side program), which will be stored on firebase server? This program would control database and it necessarily have to work always to spy what is happening on database.

  • Firebase has a dashboard of realtime database already.

    Firebase does not provide cloud code platform. Designer need run server logic on the other platform like... heroku, google application engine, etc. Moreover, designer also could make server logic by C2 then run at a browser like a client.

  • How do I check if a user is already logged in? For some reason, there is no event for detecting an active session

    Ex: Login with FB -> Close Window -> Open Window -> ?? Am I still logged in? I dont know because there is no event to check.

    What's the point of setting permissions if there are no events to use them? The only data I can access is the name of the user and email.

    Question to the saveData pluging:

    Why is there a header AND body field when saving data? In the description you wrote "value pair, to describe this slot," so header is simply used for description? But then why are there header events? I am a bit confused..could you explain?

    Great plugin ! I love it.


  • Fireche

    Use "Condition:Is login" to test if user is logged or not, and you will find login after re-open the web page. ( Capx ), call "Action:Logging out" before login to clean remembered login.

    Please update rex_firebase_authentication plugin before test it.

    Firebase and parse all can store data, but they are not similar. Parse is a SQL-like database, firebase can sync data without polling.

  • Fireche

    Yes, header is simply used for description. Headers will be read at the same time. Then player choose one slot body to load.

    It is like emails, user can see the sender, date, title of mails (headers), then open the content of one mail (body).

  • I already updated the Plugin. But "Condition:Is login" doesn't work after reloading the page. Try the following: Login with FB, close your browser, open the app again and see if you are logged in..for me the session is ended already.

    Oh and it also would be cool to get the error somehow. SaveSlot.ErrorCode

  • Fireche

    I tested by Anonymous login, seems that the login state will be preserved.

    I need to survey how to get error code/error message first, it needs some days.

  • Fireche

    I can open them.

    I assume that you might miss the common.js file. I had updated rex_firebase_itemtable again, please try again.

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  • rexrainbow

    it's possible to login with the same fb account multiple times. Is there an easy way to prevent this? I could set a variable to 1 in the firebase save slot when someone logs in and set it to 0 when someone logs out and check this variable everytime someone tries to login..but is there a simpler way?

    /edit: rex_firebase_singleLogin, I didn't seet this plugin. sorry

  • rexrainbow

    Hey, I'm getting the following error:

    using firebase api v3, firebase authentication, and firebase save slot.

    Last week it was working normally (authenticating with facebook, reading/creating/saving data), but today I can't seem to login into firebase with facebook. Even tried creating new firebase project, no luck.

    I also noticed in your plugin:

    /*! Firebase v3.0.0

    Build: 3.0.0-rc.9


    while in

    https://www.gstatic.com/firebasejs/3.0.5/firebase.js[/code:gin3ocub] it's:

    Firebase v3.0.5[/p] Build: 3.0.5-rc.2[/p] ...[/p] [/p] Any idea? Thanks!

  • http://c2rexplugins.weebly.com/rex_fire ... login.html apparently the plugin "date" is needed to make your demo work. Just noticed it..

  • Fireche

    You might not need rex_date plugin if you does not need to parse expression:CurLoginTimestamp.

  • mvitlov

    I had not login with facebook in firebase v3.05 api, I will try it recently and post the result.

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