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  • Update

    Move all firebase.js file into a new plugin - rex_firebase_api. i.e. add rex_firebase_api plugin into project for all my firebase application plugins. It is similar with rex_parse_initialize plugin for all my parse application plugins.

  • Update

    rex_firebase plugin: add property "Connection detection" and "Condition:On connected" , "Condition:On disconnected" to detect client's connection status

    Add plugin rex_wilddog_api for Wild dog service, which is a firebase-like service for China users.

    The api of wild dog is compatible with firebase, so that my plugins of firebase could be reused in wild dog service.

  • Hi Rex, I'm having trouble with the firebase query function.

    Here is the setup [plugin used]:

    (action) [Query] 0. Create a new query for ref X

    (action) [Query] 1. Order current query by Key

    (action) [Firebase] Add received callback: "Tag" once for query [Query] (child added)

    Here is the response [plugin used]:

    (condition) [Firebase] On received "Tag"

    (condition) [Query] LastData is null

    I get the following popup error on during app startup before the app finishes loading:

    "Assertion failure: Condition method appears to be missing, check ACE table names match script names."

    Same error caused by

    (condition) [Query] On received "Tag"

    I have the FirebaseAPI plugin installed.

    Also, I can't seem to find a way of receiving a reply from firebase if a text entry is missing. When there is data, [Firebase] On received "Tag" triggers a response, but not when it doesn't find a match. Any ideas?

  • hmott

    Sorry about that, please try to use the same condition ( LastData is null ) from rex_firebase plugin, I forgot to remove the conditions in rex_firebase_query plugin.


    I had removed these conditions in rex_firebase_query plugin, please also removes them from your project before updates this plugin.

  • hmott

    Could you explain more detail about the last question? An example is better, thanks.

    "...Also, I can't seem to find a way of receiving a reply from firebase if a text entry is missing. When there is data, [Firebase] On received "Tag" triggers a response, but not when it doesn't find a match. Any ideas? "

  • Current plugins of firebase are based on version 2.x api. It does not support the latest 3.x api and the new project base. I will try to upgrade my firebase plugins for version 3.x as soon as possible.

  • Well at least they didn't end up like Parse.

  • Awesome work Rex. Did you have any plans to add GeoFire (firebase location) plugin as well?

  • Awesome! Thanks rexrainbow! I'm super excited about all the changes in 3.x. A Firebase engineer gave me some hints at GDC, glad to see they delivered. I'm eager to jump in now.

    Let me know if you need any assistance or help testing.

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  • tallwhitey

    I will try it, after integrating 3.x into plugins. There are some new features in 3.x, like notification.

  • Update

    Add rex_firebase_apiv3 plugin for firebase V3 api.

    Update core plugins rex_firebase, rex_firebase_authentication to v3.

    (Sample capx)

    Edit: it works in firefox and chrome, both.

    I will try to integrate my firebase plugins to support v2.x and v3.x at the same time. Now only rex_firebase, rex_firebase_authentication has updated. User should hold older firebase project until all my firebase plugins has ben updated.

  • rexrainbow

    Nice work! Where i can get API key of my app?

  • You might start from here. Create a new firebase v3 project here, then you could get your api key in your project.

  • This is more of a general question. But I've been playing around with the plugin, and the LastData property seems a little limited when dealing with many real time references. If i have two listeners at different places looking for different data, and the second one fires before the callack from the first executes, it then uses the second reference's data.

    I don't know if it's possible, but unless I'm not implementing it properly, it seems like you would need to assign a unique name to each LastData property, so that the firebase snapshot values won't be overwritten by other listeners. Is this correct, or am I not using the plugin correctly?


  • tallwhitey

    You might try to put another (or more) rex_firebase object into project, or create a new rex_firebase instance for a specific reading procedure. Moreover, each individual rex_firebase could have private instance variable, you could pass the value by them to read handler.

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