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  • Savvy001

    Sounds like a 'general' question though ;)

    Let me know if it helps ... ?

  • septeven

    It maybe a 'general' question, but i still would like to thank u for the answer.

    U just made my App go from 80% to 90% finished!

    Really, thanx!

    It worked great!

  • Hi septeven,

    Is it possible to load a list of name from my database user table using listbox type?

  • george

    It's a general question - I don't really want to answer to this kind of question - If you know how to get data from your database, so then you just have to fill the listbox with these datas.

  • Savvy001

    Look your PM.

    Release 2.41

    Change - New icon.

    Add action "Reattribute IDs" - Let you reattribute all line's ID from 1 to y.

    Fix multiple bugs occured when there's none item into the combobox.

  • Cool. Thanks.

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  • That's awesome, thanks for the mod.

    But include "->On select" event would be the greatest thing ever ! :)

    (In fact "->On click on line" and "->On click on any line")

    Edit : Here's a bug :

    On the Listbox, if you add lines, then delete some of them, the add more of them, ID is messing up. Selecting a line to delete it will delete the line(s) above.

    A little spamming of that process will result in this error :

    Javascript error!
    TypeError: this.elem.options[i] is undefined
    http://localhost:50000/ComboBox_plugin.js, line 387 (col undefined)
    This is either a bug in Construct 2 or a problem in a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer!

    I presume that's why there's a "Reattribute IDs" action ? ;)

    Edit2 :

    A "Permute" or "Switch" action would also be great ;)

  • Tenshi

    Thanks for reporting this. I'll fix it asap.

  • Savvy001

    About the awesomium issue, it sounds like awesomium doesn't support it yet. The thing is I don't really know how awesomium works, but I guess that's why my combobox doesn't work when you export to this support.

    I should keep tuned about this. Don't hesitate to get back here to remind me.


    It works perfectly in the new Node-Webkit exporter

    Since the awesomium exporter isn't supported anymore, I won't work further on this. Hope you'll understand this ;)

  • septeven

    Certainly i understand!

    Super that the new Node-Webkit exporter is the solution.

    Thanx for the tip :-)

    Kind Regards


  • Hi septeven,

    I am working app for ipad and iphone and I am using the listbox. I Notice that the listbox is not working, Instead combobox is showing.

    Is this bug, or I need to do something on the event?

    This is example from If you open this url to iphone or ipad the combobox will display not the listbox.


  • george

    What are you expecting exactly ? Because this is the way that Safari mobile renders listbox...

    Just let me know EXACTLY what you need and I'll see if I can help.

  • septeven

    On both Google Chrome PC & android the ComboBoxListBox and TextBox-Addon are shaking.

    Because i also use the normal textbox i have checked that one as well.

    The normal textbox however is not shaking.

    I have noticed that for the ComboBoxListBox "when i select the box" the shaking stops.

    Until i select something else, because then it starts shaking again.

    The textbox-addon keeps shaking, even if i select it.

    All 3 of them use the anchor behaviour.

    The strange thing is, this has started last week, after a chrome update.

    But as the "normal" scirra textbox does not shake at all, i think it is worth looking into, because the normal textbox is separate from your plugin line.

    So maybe the answer lies in that plugin.

    Hope it can be fixed because its making me and my app users dizzy <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Could u look into this?

    Ps: if u want me to upload a short video of the shaking then i would kindly apply.

    Kind Regards.


  • Hi septeven,

    I was expecting like on the image, Combo box and Listbox type.


    On combobox properties there is type:(Combo Box and List Box).

    The first combo box on the image is I use type : combo box.

    The Second combo box on the image I use type : list box.

    This is working on pc browser. But on mobile the second combo box is not working as listbox.

  • The first combo box is need to select something.

    The second combo box is list of data base on the first combo box selection. This is working on my pc browser. And hopefully it will work also in mobile because this is very useful when you want to make a list.

    Specially when you want to create a contact list.

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