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Implement a customizable array-based achievement system with the fully-commented template.
  • Excellent ideas thanks Austin ! :)

  • We just released our persistent data storage feature (for things like game saves that aren't restricted to localstorage). Read the blog post here.

    I'm finishing up the payment, rooms, and encryption implementation for the plugin, and I'll add this new data storage feature to the mix. This is turning out to be a big new version of the plugin :)

    It will hopefully be done by Friday

  • great, in time when the sunny and warm days are gone here and there is only rain :)

    A lot of time for development for me ;)

    austin, stay alert at you mailbox, I am sure I will send you a lot of bug reports again ;)

  • GREAT!

    Perfect timing as well, hopefully next week I can start working on my games <3

  • Awesome as aways! ;]

  • austin

    Room is interesting. How to broadcast message?

    And where is the server locate on, uh, I means the latency of sending message.

  • Clay.io arrived just in time, as Playtomic going to be dead with tons of 503 errors in my apps, I get an official plugin with most of the same an some more features and great reliebility and a fantastic support.

    austin please work on the payments, cause this is the feature could reward your hard work! :)

    I just found the Sandbox in Clay.io docs. It's a great place before you make a plan for Clay.io features integration into your game.

  • Massive update to the plugin: get it here.

    Included are:

    * Payments

    * Data Storage

    * Multiplayer Rooms

    * Encryption

    Since it is a big update, it might have some bugs here and there. If you find any, let me know and I'll get it fixed ASAP!

  • Wow austin! This is great! An all in one real time social plugin! It looks like Clay.io has given us everything needed to become the next Zynga Games :D

    Iv been following your progress with this plugin, and I must say I'm very impressed with how fast it was developed.

    Now I can finally start making real time social games :D

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  • Awesome plugin Austin!

  • Perfect austin,

    with my german precicion, I will test it tonight and will flag any bug I can find to your inbox ;)

  • Perfect austin,

    with my german precicion, I will test it tonight and will flag any bug I can find to your inbox ;)

    Funny, it should to be "precision"

    austin Nice! I'm going to test it, if i found an annoying but, i will let you know.

  • Never told, I am perfect in english language ;)

  • OOps...

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/4N1lR.png" border="0" />

    I'm using r95

  • Funny, you saved a readme file on common.js!

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