[PLUGIN] Clay.io (leaderboards & achievements)

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  • Just finished up 2 tutorials for Clay.io & Construct 2:

    API Integration

    Publishing to Clay.io

  • austin thank you for this promising plugin!

    I plan to use it as a replacement of the Playtomic C2 plugin (PT seems to not have good days :().

  • wow austin this plugin has come a long way fast. Its lookin like the goto plugin for this kinda thing. If you get in app purchases workin as easily as the rest of the features itll be huge

  • Very interesting work, would it be possible to see a game with the Clay.io running? I tried looking around on the site, the store and the tutorials but couldn't find anything, would be great to see it from the players perspective :)

  • My Game is still in development, as it has some bugs. But I can tell, the integration is really easy and the game runs well, if you use the options correctly :)

    For example, don't show the Achievement list automatically, when your game is running at high speed at the same time ;)

    I am sure, the first games using Construct2 will show up soon enough :)

  • Word Wars, Slime Volley, Fire Nano, and Shapeshifter are a few games using the API

  • Hey austin, is there any way to see and edit the leaderboard scores(Delete entries from cheaters)?

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  • Not at the moment, but soon :)

  • If you run your game in debug mode, you can delete entries right from the leaderboard (you of course will need to be logged into Clay.io as the admin for the game).

    <img src="http://new.tinygrab.com/a160021eef92d64723b0832c8e8f601e80131dbef9.png" border="0" />

  • Good one!

    How is going with Payment API? i'm eager to test it

  • Haven't begun yet ;) Sending you a PM

  • Awesome austin! ;]


  • I just noticed, that it's a "Clear scores" function in Clay.io's Leaderboard admin. This helped me alot!

  • austin I've found your example game: firenano.clay.io

    This is exactly the same leaderboard logic what I would like to make in my game!

    When the game ends:

    A: Ask user to Enter name, click on submit, get the score data in the bg, display the Leaderboard with the game design, and place a custom back button to close it...

    B: Dont submit score button, no Leaderboard display.

    I can make all things except to get the score list in the bg, and display it with my game's design.

    Will it be a feature of the C2 plugin?

  • austin I would like to ask where I can find the graph of the Custom Statistic?

    I used the Cio Custom stat event with

    Metric name: "Level" & myvariable, what needs to make it "Level6" "Level12" "Level24" and

    Increment amount: 1

    I noticed, when used the Cio's Log Play event, a new "Play" metric appeared in Clay.io's game admin page. I trought that this event can be used to record additional information about players:

    • The plugin records automatically how many times a game is loaded in a browser. - The Log Play could be used to record how many times a user plays.

    In Clay.io's game admin it is a little deceptive to have a "Plays" in the top of the Statistic type selection and an another on the bottom. Maybe the metric, what is auto recorded could be have a name like "Visits" or "Opens" or "Game started".

    I really love the value diplay on the right of the statistic! :)

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