[PLUGIN] Clay.io (leaderboards & achievements)

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  • Where do you turn on the achievement icons?

    next time you work on it, could the scroll bar be any wider? it's hard to see on the PC, I worry it's invisible on mobile.

    My "Show all Achievements" window will require scrolling, (already does) which is why I was hoping for new achievements to show at the top.

    No hurry though, I'm not near ready yet.

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  • We just released our persistent data storage feature (for things like game saves that aren't restricted to localstorage). Read the blog post here.

    Is it just me, or has anyone else problem with the data storage?

    I'm trying to save the interger 1 with the key "Version" and every time I retrieve it, i'll get a "NaN"?!

    No big CAPX, but here it is -> CAPX

  • NaN is usually the response Construct2 gives when you try to use a number Variable to hold a string. (Not a Number?)

    Maybe in Event 7:

    Set Temp to int(Clayio.Data)

    Or, after looking at what you were actually retrieving, maybe Temp was supposed to be a String Variable?

  • NaN could also mean, no data, or am I wrong?

    Do you have a working example, that push and pulls data to Clay.IO?!

  • Paradox "Where do you turn on the achievement icons?" for the show all achievements, they should be on by default for the ones you have earned.

    I think we'll be sticking with the current scrollbar width as it fits nicely in that bevel. The easiest way to scroll is definitely to just use the scroll-wheel, or on mobile touch and drag/flick.

    I'll try to implement parameters for sorting the list here in the next couple of days, but if I forget, definitely shoot me an email to remind me :) (austin@clay.io)

    Weishaupt Yep, NaN is Not a Number - basically it's trying to write "undefined" as a number which throws that. To fix, you need to create another condition that waits until the data is fetched. See:

    <img src="http://new.tinygrab.com/a160021eeff03ebdb4b02c538d418d6db58533423a.png" border="0" />

  • austin - Thanks, that was the info I needed

  • The scrollbar wasn't really my concern, it was that you can't tell there is more to scroll to see. What about a little bar at the bottom with an inverted chevron pointing down to indicate there is more? (see my image.)

    Or maybe when the window is sized, and there is more below the scroll, have it always cut off half way through the last achievement, that would be obvious it needs to scroll.

    Also in the image, (I just captured,) there isn't any icons showing.

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/85412219/forumposts/achievements.jpg" border="0" />

    I should have noticed Weishaupt's missing fetch, that was in my first post on the previous page. (Edit: page 19)

  • Voila: <img src="http://screencloud.net/img/screenshots/0e7e3e33029f489c7d99ad07fb435955.png" border="0" />

    Icons should show up now too

  • Hi austin, how's progress going with the CocoonJS integration? Just wondering if you have a rough idea of when you'll have that done?

  • You have impressed me. It appeared you made those changes faster than I made the screenshot and post.

  • Hi austin, I tried use clay.io in my games for windows 8 but the result is error althought i was changed the export mode to windows 8 in clay.io object.

    FYI i use windows 8 Pro in my PC,


  • EyeHawk - hopefully within the week, but no guarantees. It's certainly very difficult without being able to test things myself ;)

    moenchlax - What's the error you are getting? Is the error when you try the project through Visual Studio 2012?

  • Ok thanks Austin - fingers crossed <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • The error ocurred when i tried to run the project from visual studio project. After the splash screen from the apps, the apps close it self,

    Before i use clay.io it work well, but after i use one function from clay.io object such post to leaderboard,the apps close it self after the splash screen.

  • This is the screenshot when error occured,

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/67742242/error.PNG" border="0" />

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