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  • Epox

    • When you copied the dev contents into the official folder, the id error is expected because in the plugin code, the plugin id is set to appmobiDev not appmobi.
    • When you did a new appmobidev folder next to the official version, did you restore the official versions code as well? The plugin id issue could be because now you have two appmobidev plugins

    Sorry for any hassle. Ashley asked that I rename the plugin. I guess some people were copying it along side the version released by Scirra instead of overwriting it. No one reported that issue to me prior to Ashley's post but instead were asking him why it was broken.

    As for making the dev version the official version, that's a question for Ashley. It's out of my hands. I've spoken with him in the past about pushing up the new code but I know he is slammed with all the new updates to C2. I have no control or idea on when or if the two will ever be merged.

    For now if you don't want two plugins side by side, what I would suggest is:

    1. remove the official appmobi folder.

    2. rename the appmobidev folder to appmobi.

    3. open edittime.js and runtime.js, then do a find for "appMobiDev" and replace with "appMobi"

    I hope that helps.

  • Thank You I'll follow your instructions, and redo this every time when install an new C2 update. This could not be a problem, but makes things much more clear for longterm.

    Great to have your great assistance in all of my problems! Thank you very much!

  • Hey again,

    I just want to clarify exactly how to go about adding the plugin:

    From the first post click on the plugin link > Downloads > Downlad as zip, then do I paste in the 'koza-appMobiC2Plugin-(number)' folder into the plugins or the 'appmobidev' folder? I read and understand your above post for the next steps, but also then I don't know how to do this part: "If you are exporting your game using DirectCanvas please include the directcanvasC2.js file in the header of index.html If you do not certain features will not work properly."

    I'm having a lot of trouble using direct canvas with the inbuilt appmobi plugin with no solutions so far, so I wonder if the above is necessary in the inbuilt version too?


  • Tap,

    This might not be the best place to ask this but, Is there a location to download the latest SDK? I prefer to build my projects in Eclipse so I can easily add in admob support and make other tweaks easily. Just curious if this is possible on android yet, getlib seems to have versions from about 9 months ago, unless I am looking in the wrong spot.

    Second, so with this latest version of the plugin I should be able to build apps with directcanvas for android and have them work using the XDK? I've tried with no success.

  • Tobye From what I read the plugin installation was almost correct. Basically, all you have to do is download the code from github, unzip it. Now you should see a folder called appmobiDev. Just move that folder into the C2 plugin directory and you will be all set after you restart C2. I hope that made sense.

    As for including the directcanvasC2.js file, do you know how to edit html? You need to add the following line into your index.html file in order to use DC in the plugin. I know it is an extra step but because this plugin is not yet merged into the "official" scirra version, it's the only way I have to include certain code. To accomplish the above:

    1. Open the C2 export folder
    2. Move the directcanvasC2.js file from the zip file to the C2 export folder
    3. Open index.html in your text editor
    4. Inside the header tag, copy and past the following line
    5. <script src="directcanvasC2.js" language="javascript" type="text/javascript"></script>

    Please let me know if that helped. If not, I'll have you send me your export and I'll edit it for you and send it back, so you can see how it is implemented.

  • ArcadEd - Well the newest public code that we open sourced is at github.com/appMobi The OS version is an older version of the code when compared to our internal system.

    As for the plugin, yes. If you include the extra directcanvasC2.js file into your index.html file it should work. I've been testing in the XDK and on device as I released so if you are running into problems let me know. I'll be happy to check them out.

  • That would be great. I haven't had any success getting an android app working with direct canvas. My latest attempt was doing just as you described (I think) export from C2 using the appmobidev plugin, including the directanvasC2.js file and including it in my html. My latest attempt is arcaded_gmail_com.kaplowDC2 project. I'm not sure if you can get into my account and see the project?

    As far as the SDK goes, the one on github, the last update to the android files was 9 months ago. I know you guys have put in a lot of work since then :).

  • ArcadEd - Thanks for supplying the app name. I will check it out and see if I can be of assistance. As for the sdk, yes there has been a bunch of work to the code, but not everything is open sourced I believe.

    Unfortunately, I wont be too much help on the native "build it yourself" side. However you can always go to our forums for help and our native devs can lend a hand with that.

    Again, I'll take a look at your project and see whats up.

  • Thanks Tap,

    First step it getting it working on the XDK. If we can get there, it's one issued solved. Then I can tackle using plugins to get my ads working if need be. All seems much easier to use than xcode and exclipse once I learn it and get it all working :).

  • ArcadEd - Easy fix. I looked at the bundle. Checkout the source of your directcanvasC2.js file. It looks messed up. Something funky happened in your download. I would recommend redownloading it from github and try again. When I did, the game worked just fine in the xdk.

    Let me know how it works out for you.

  • Wow, I probably would have never thought to look there.   Did you fix it in my project? I ask because it looks normal to me right now. I will re download though.

  • You know what, I see what I did now I think. I think I right clicked on the JS file and chose save link as, hence getting an HTML doc and not the JS file. Duh!

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  • OK, I must be doing something wrong because I just can't get it to work. Here are my steps (the newest project is arcaded_gmail_com.Kaplow-DC4)

    Install the AppMobiDev Plugin.

    Add AppMobiDev Object to my project

    Export, AppMobi, directcanvas

    copy directcanvasC2.js to my export directory

    include directcanvasC2.js in my index.html file

    zip up contents of my project directory.

    Go to appmobi.com, login, create a new app, upload my zip.

    Click on emulate, game works great on test devices.

    Click test anywhere to have it uploaded to the cloud.

    On my phone (HTC Thunderbolt running Android 2.3.4) launch applab

    goto my apps, find the project and run it. I get the appmobi splash screen, then black, then back to applab.


  • ArcadEd

    DC was added the AppLab recently. Can you remove it from your device and re-install it from the app store?

    Also did you test in the XDK and did it work?

  • The XDK is all I am using right now, I just installed applab a few days ago, but I will uninstall and reinstall it.

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