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  • it works, just added a line:

    <!-- The canvas must be inside a div called c2canvasdiv -->

         <div id="c2canvasdiv">

  • Hi tap

    I am following too your initiative for helping us to better use C2 in appmobi environment, and how I am trying to use the javascript API camera commands, without sucess until now, I want to ask your help.

    I am using a C2 plugin called CallJS, which connects C2 with JS scripts, so I saved the following code in a .js file, which I called from my C2 code.




    function PicImgs()




    function onSuccess(evt) {

    if (evt.success == true)


        return AppMobi.camera.getPictureURL(evt.filename);




        if (evt.message != undefined)






            alert("error capturing picture");




    After being compiled in XDK and installed, the result APK, in a Genesis Tab, as result I can open the native folders and pick some of the images in there, but not receiving the picture URI to use in C2.

    And in this link you can find the .capx the CallJS plugin and the .js script, if you want to try.


    Can you help me? Thanks in advance!

  • degortg - Wonderful! I'm glad you were able to get the game centered!

    NRABrazil - I will take a quick look at what is going on here. I'm not too familiar with the CallJS plugin but it sounds straight forward. However I am actually working on adding Camera support to the appMobi plugin right now. :) So if you want to tell me either here or in a PM what you would like to be able to do with the camera, I will be sure to make those features a priority as well. If you want to continue on the path of using CallJS, I'll take a look at the capx and see if I can offer any advice. Just let me know.

  • tap

    I just wanted to ask about the status of android and support for directCanvas as well as multitouch. I browsed the last 4 pages but couldn't find anything on that topic.

    As far as I can remember, export with directCanvas for optimal app performance was only available for iPhone/iPad.

    Could you point me to a place where I can see current features as well as a roadmap with comming features (such as full android support)? That would be a great help as I'm only developing for desktop and android (handheld/tablet) right now due to not owning any i-devices. I couldn't find any definite info on the mobius website... not sure if I looked at the right place.

    Thanks a lot, your work so far and any help is appreciated!


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  • tap - you forgot to change the ID of this plugin in the SDK! Please change it as soon as possible! You must not use the same ID as an official plugin. It is already creating difficult compatibility problems. Users are reporting their projects are unopenable, and it is caused by this plugin. We are then having to support these users which is taking up our time. FYI, we officially recommend that you do not copy official plugins, partly because it causes compatibility problems like this.

  • Hey Ashley, will do. I'll call it appMobiDev. Sorry about that. I was expecting folks would just replace the older "official" version with the new changes released by appMobi if they wished to use it.

    I know we spoke in the past (ken@appmobi) but we should circle back to figure out when you would like to incorporate some or all of the new features in the dev version.

    Again, I'm sorry about support tasks that the naming issue caused for you. No one reported back to the thread with that issue so I assumed they were just replacing the plugin.

  • Hey MC,

    DC and multitouch are released for both iOS and android. DC support is also in the latest appLab for android as well. You will just need to download the latest version.

    With regards to DC in C2, I know Ashley has spoken with our DC developers about some multitouch issues when a game is exported and they are looking into it. Unfortunately, I don't have an ETA on those yet, I just know they are working on it.

  • tap

    Well, what I am trying to do is furnish to user of an app I am developing the option to choose from images directly in their mobiles. And for what I know this is achieved by your camera commands. How do you said than are developing it too, do you have some schedule for it?


  • NRABrazil - Ok, so you want to pull an image into your game from the phones photo list, not actually take one yourself. Sure that is completely possible. And yes I am adding those features into the plugin and hope to have the updates on gitHub either tomorrow or Wednesday. Will that help you?

  • tap

    Certainly, helps me alot! Thanks again!

    And please explain me the function of "Add to media cache" action. My doubt is because, like I know, in C2 this is done automatically by the browser with the use of an APPCACHE file, we do not need to cache media files directly.

  • Hey tap, I saw in appmobi Javascript API documentation, than "CAMERA" controls can use the devices cameras to take pictures too. It is so difficult to implement it too in the plugin? C2 already has a object named "UserMedia" for image capture by webcam, but until now it only works in Chrome on desktops.

  • NRABrazil - Great. Some answers to your questions below:

    1. Add To Media Cache - This has different use cases then the APPCACHE file. When you build your app or game as a hybrid app and sell it in an app store, the Add To Media Cache will let you retrieve and store a remote file locally. So say your app/game wanted to pull in new content via some sort of data, game logic, sound, video or image file. This is the call you would use.

    2. Camera - Correct, the camera api allows you to take pictures using the devices (phone, ipod, ipad, etc..) camera. I just added that to the plugin today. I just need to add the a couple other camera calls and then will push the updated plugin to github. If not tomorrow, then definitely Wednesday.

    I hope those answered your questions.

  • Great tap !

    I will be waiting!


  • Hello I'm just get back to testing after some amazon/Kindle publish. The first thing I did is to go to the repo, and get the fresh version of the appmobidev plugin.

    Unfortunately I have trouble with it:

    • did copy the 4 files inside the appmobidev dir into my appmobi plugin folder (as did it in the past), the projects not opens cause of plugin id errors
    • did copy the full appmobidev folder into the C2's pluign folder (appears next to the official appmobi folder), but have similar plugin id problem

    The only thing I can solve this problem were to reinstall C2, and use my oldie (2012.08.28.) appmobi plugin.

    I wonder if you can push the new version of AppMobi plugin to the official C2 code! I'm worried about to have 2 objects, and handle them in a project, than someday switch back to use just one of them... :)

  • Hi tap,

    Thanks man! I am inserting your new plugin in my app! And yesterday I had an invite from a old client to stablish a business partnership in my app, in what the new resources are crucial. I will need to intense use the push message system too.

    Thanks again.

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