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  • mikepixie - awesome! I'm glad to hear that is what you need.

    pavelkn - I will add the on end event and update the code on github. As for the ability to control while playing and monitoring of multiple audio files, as soon as our native developers have that implemented I will be sure to add it to the plugin.

    eldods - I am expecting to have it implemented the week of Sept 17. I hope that is ok.

  • Hi tap, back with a quick question: any chance to have in the near future any events/actions for the device's camera implemented in appMobi? Thanks!

  • tap sounds great this is just the game chooser for me of weather i go with appmobi or cocoonJS accelerometer support is the most important part of my game i really appreciate how far you guys have been able to take these html5 games and integrate them as native apps its amazing thank you.

  • Hey xyboox,

    So you are looking to use the camera in your C2 game? Cool.

    Well our JS api does have camera support. I did not implement it into the C2 plugin yet. I did not think it would be an item on anyone's requirements list. But apparently it is. :)

    Check out our API doc on it and let me know if this is what you are looking for. If it is, I'll move it up the list for you.


  • tap, it is for sure exactly what I need. And... I hope I'm not crossing the line saying that if geolocation could make it for THE list it would be fantastic for my needs. After all, if there's anything else other then publishing a HTML5 app as native that really makes the difference for appMobi, that would be the access it offers for the devices capabilities through its API. So, having all of this added to the C2 plugin( at some point in the future, maybe...?) would very much make it even more valuable.

    So I'm waiting further for THE update :)

    Many thanks!

  • Hello I would like to ask if the new R102 release is containing your new AppMobi plugin version?

    There is a bugfix in R102: "Exporting to appMobi: the audio object's preload actions crashed when using directCanvas, should now work correctly" - what is a big help for me, cause I met freezes when use preloading and try to run my app in AppMobi (Test anywhere).

  • hello, sorry for bad english. this problem, for full screen I use letterbox scale Projects for android, when exported to appMobi (use phone browser) create APK, the file and running it on the tablet in a black line on the right. Help please!

  • xyboox - absolutely, I will work on adding geo as well.

    Epox - Not this latest release. But possibly the next one. I have an issue with DC and any release later the latest stable r95. So I just want to improve the DC integration before Ashley adds it into the official release.

    degortg - If I understand correctly you say that when you select to scale using Letterbox you get black bars on the side? If so, I believe that is how the letterbox is designed to work. You may want to try just the scaling option instead if you do not like the bar. I hope I understood correctly

  • lines on the sides is normal, and here it turns out one line on the right, with the export option(use phone browser). HTML 5 normal, but not play music and sounds of the plugin (appMobi):(

  • Excellent news tap! This tandem ( C2 + appMobi ) is getting more and more exciting every day :)

  • tap

    is there any way to get the backlight to not turn off during gameplay if im not touching the screen for the amount of time my phone has the backlight settings for the backlight turns off during gameplay this is real bad for any game that dosnt need constant screen touching or just any game .

  • Hey all, sorry for the delay I was on vacation this past week.

    eldods - while I don't have any specific "backlight api" calls available to me, I do have a "device power" api that I can set to always on. This should resolve your issue.

    degortg - could you send me the .capx so I can have a look at what is going on? That way I will have a better understanding.


  • tap could you look at this problem please? It has a minified capx example.

    scirra.com/forum/cant-manage-to-parse-an-xml-on-ipad_topic56724.html Thank you!

  • Yep, you actually emailed me with this and I just responded to the email. If it works for you I will update the source on github for everyone.

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  • tap, my problem has not been solved?I posted a link to a personal message.

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