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  • Epox, Sorry to hear. I will ask our XDK team about this. Can you either post or PM me your OS, Java version and version of the XDK you are using (if you can get it to load it's in the upper left.)

    As funny as it may sound. I know when another dev was having issues, they were told to clear the Java cache on their system. Just google "clear java cahce" for instruction on how to clear it on your system. But I will check internally as well.

  • Hey ctceismc,

    Sounds very cool. I would say the first step is to familiarize yourself with our plugin system. The documentation with examples is at http://www.appmobi.com/documentation/nativeplugins/index.html.

    In the docs there are examples on how to call your plugins functions via javascript as well. Basically MyPlugin.dosomething();

    Once you have the plugin working, creating the C2 plugin will be pretty easy as it will be like any other plugin. You will just be calling the functions you created. So to recap:

    1.) Familiarize yourself with our plugin system

    2.) Port the code

    3.) Test to make sure you can call what you need from javascript in an index.html file.

    4.) Once tested, just create a C2 plugin that calls your methods. Scirra has some very good documentation on how to write a plugin.

    I hope that helped.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

    Good luck

  • Update #2: Push Notifications and SMS Support

    You can now send and receive push messages from your C2 games. Use push messages to send text / rich media alerts and messages, deliver data bundles to your game, send friends a message and even trigger in game events to occur.

    You can send Push messages from your XDK, apphub or even from your own server.

    appMobi Push Message Documentation


    Available Plugin Actions

    • Add Push User
    • Set User Attributes
    • Find User
    • Delete Push User
    • Send Push Notification
    • Send SMS
    • Show Rich Message
    • Alert
    • Beep
    • Vibrate

    Available Plugin Expressions

    • Friend User Id
    • New Message Queue Count
    • Push Message Type
    • Push Message Text
    • Push Message Data

    Plugin: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxjzux44sjrrozt/appmobi.zip

  • Hey, which should we use, the PlayMobi plugin or the AppMobi plugin? They seem to have somewhat overlapping functions.

  • Hey cow_trix, I'm not sure what you mean. While they are both offered by appMobi, the two plugins have different feature sets.

    playMobi offers leaderboards, badges, cloud data,user authentication, etc... for your games. These work across platform and device. Where as the appMobi plugin allows you to access device features (audio, device info, notification, geolocation, etc..) in your C2 game via the appMobi api.

    So you could use either or both depending on the requirements of your game.

    I hope that helps.

  • Hi tap!

    I have tested the appMobi plugin. It has an error because the action "StartAudio" is duplicated.

    When i deployed your example on PC, i could not hear anything!

  • Hey Kat,

    I looked into this. Actually the calling of StartAudio twice is not a bug, I give the user the option to call it via the audio dropdown or by typing in the name. So the same method is called but with different parameters. I did however notice that I duplicated the ID's of some actions and that was causing the wrong method to be called. I fixed that and updates the plugin at https://github.com/koza/appMobiC2Plugin.

    As for deploying on the PC, in order for the appMobi plugin to work, you need to export your game for appMobi. In case you are not familiar with appMobi, not only does our build system allow you to deploy to mobile devices like IOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook. But also for the web to Facebook, The Chrome Store, Mozilla Store, HostMobi or to your own server.

    The easiest way to test your game is to export your game from C2 and run them in our XDK.

    I updated the example .capx file to illustrate how to play a sound effect. You can download it at https://www.dropbox.com/s/lsuzlgr8s4yl7ye/audioDemo.capx. Check it out in C2, then export to appMobi and select "Phone Browser" instead of "DirectCanvas". Then you can test that bundle in our XDK.

    I hope that all makes sense. If you need assistance with our XDK or build system, feel free to PM me, I'll be happy to help.

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  • The R101 do not works with the new AppMobi plugin's preveous version, but perfectly with the very last(rel date2012.08.28). Everything is updating and updating! :)))

  • Hey Tap

    Is it possible to release this on github rather than dropbox?

    It will make keeping up to date a lot easier.

  • Absolutely. I will get that setup today and then update this post when its ready. I just have to make a readme.

  • Hi tap,

    we are actually evaluating C2 for iOS app development in combination with phonegap. So far everything worked quite well, but now we stumbled over the problem of not being able to play more than one sound simultaneously. So you are right on time with your appMobi Sound Update. Thing is: We're planning to compile the app ourselves in XCode using the Gamecode of C2 in combination with your appMobi plugin for sound and also for directCanvas. Is this possible? So far I played around with the Xcode appLab example project, but I failed on running one of our C2 tests on the iPad/iOS Simulator.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for any help.



  • Hey weltenbauer,

    As far as "...Is this possible?...", sure it sounds like it should be. You just add the plugin to C2, create and export your game and then build it. Unfortunately I'm not much help when it comes to building it yourself. When you say "... building it ourselves in XCode..." are you using your own custom system or the open sourced build system by appMobi? If you are using the openSource version of our build system you may be able to find support on our developer forum. But also keep in mind the open sourced version will not have the latest updates that our official cloud service build system has. Just something to keep in mind.

    I wish I could be of more assistance with your custom building. Good luck, and like I said check out our forums at http://forums.appmobi.com/viewforum.php?f=25

  • Awesome, consider me subscribed to you on github.

  • Hi tap!

    Great work here!

    QQ: any particular reason that comes to your mind about this situation I'm facing: I have a simple sprite with physics enabled that has a force applied on it according to the left-right and front-back tilt of the device ( getting the values from the Touch plugin ). All works just great in XDK, but after building with "Test Anywhere" and installing on my device ( Android 2.3.6 ), it won't work. The sprite behaves like it would have just the gravity enabled. No vibration when it touches the sides ( while in XDK works OK ). Further more, somehow it seems like the XDK does not update the app after every export from C2. Is it possible to use some cached version? Noticed that this won't happen if closing and re-launch the XDK, but this is painful :)

    Here is the URL for my capx, if you could have a look: box.com/s/66jmk04yffllihyxu7ga

    Oh, and one more Q, a little offtopic: why would G. Play report the app-lab as incompatible with a device using android 2.3.6 since the min. required is 2.1?


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