[Facebook for Websites] - Update 1-29-2016

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  • Using the login via popup ? popup gets blocked isnt it?

    Trying to use login user into your app, but seems like redirect_uri is required. And if used it takes to another url.

    Is there a workaround?

    +1 would be nice to use Facebook login InAppBrowser with the new Crosswalk.

  • It seems like this plugin is not compatible with Safari or I'm doing something wrong.

    When I try "Prompt to share a story" or "Javascript login", Safari console throws this:

    ReferenceError: Can't find variable: FB

    Safari version: 5.1.7 (Windows)


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  • GamerGon

    Did you initialize FB first?

  • Is this still working? I tried your .capx but it only shows a white screen with "scores" written on it, never asks me to log in or anything.

    Edit - Oops, forgot to change the AppID key. Haha.

    Edit again - It's working now but I can't figure out how to make a leaderboard with it. Is there way I can load all the scores for that game? I couldn't find anything like it..


  • Dear ,

    I'm really enjoying this community . Generally , we find all the solutions to our problems .

    However , I have a difficulty to set Facebook on Android . What I did:

    1 ) I try to login using the " Login Dialog " . When I'm testing the browser works properly, but the Android opens the login screen , but it seems that the return of the site with this problem. The screen is blank and " lock " the app .

    2 ) On the facebook site I put two applications . Site, App Facebook and Android . On Android I enable ( Single Sign On) option ? The address I put in " Facebook App " or the "Site " may be the cause of this problem in android ?

    3 ) Is there a tutorial that shows how to use facebook in Android? Since the configuration in Construct 2 as Facebook ?

    4 ) Another question is the score of friends . As I seek the score of all friends ? I used the " Fetch Friend List Game " and was in doubt if he ever runs all friends and I just put " FacebookComplete.FriendsName " and " FacebookComplete.Score "

    Sorry for my bad english

  • Hi,I'm look for a plugin it support Android/iOS inapp 's Facebook

    I tried this FBA what a great Facebook plugin

    but seem cant using on mobile

    but anyway thankyou for your great C2 FB plugin

    (i agree put SecretKey in game = stupid too)

  • It would appear that for mobile to be used, facebook apps need to have native support switched on. This is easy, the downside is you need to redirect to a facebook page which takes away all control from our app. I haven't touched my plugin, in a while now because I'm working on a nodejs rpg c2 project. What I might suggest that everyone try is this. Turn on native support in your app, ad the browser plugin, and using the open new window function, redirect to the facebook login for native apps. This of course assumes that c2 mobile allows the browser plugin?

  • Hi Lanceal, can you tell me how to do that? there's any tutorial? i've been trying to integrate fb and android app a month ago. What is this login page to Native Apps?

    And i'm sorry for my english, if have any errors.

  • [quote:1q3e7cxe]Using the login via popup ? popup gets blocked isnt it?

    Trying to use login user into your app, but seems like redirect_uri is required. And if used it takes to another url.

    Is there a workaround?

    I would love to know this aswell...

  • Hey everyone,

    Quick update, I have not had the ability to spend time on this plugin recently due to a laptop hardware malfunction. I also recognize that a brand new API has been released on Facebook and my previous coding skills while sufficient at the time, lacked. I will be working on a new version in the coming days which should address most of your issues and should be facebook compliant through 2016.

    Stay tuned,


  • Thats the best news i've heard in a long time here on the forums.

    I can't wait for the update!

  • hello ! it looks really good but does the plugin works with cocoon ?

  • up ?

  • I don't believe so. I haven't tried it out.

  • But isnt cocoon for mobile deployment?

    Isnt this plugin for games on facebook.

    Well, anyways. I can't wait for the update. Actually i cant move on with my project unless this update happens!

    So im just crossing my fingers and is waiting eagerly!

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