[Facebook for Websites] - Update 1-29-2016

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  • Definitely making headway

  • In fact the first section is done which includes the first big addition. Language support, so when you create a dialogue such as a login prompt it can be in any of 80+ languages.

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  • Whoa, thats fantastic news!

    im really looking forward to this!

  • This post needs more attention!


  • LOL, my wife's laptop sort of broke so we are down to1 laptop at the moment. So progress has not been the quickest, however I'm am starting to add features now. I did learn a valuable lesson though. Facebook will not use Scirra generated code that has been minimized. So if you have been having issues with the official plugin or any other plugin as of right now, try compiling your code as an unminimized project.

  • As a matter of fact, here is a copy of my base plugin.


    This will load the sdk completely for you. A code savvy person following the instructions on developers.facebook.com for their version 2.0 api could actually create a fully functional Facebook app right now by using a div plugin to implement the features I'm adding over time to the plugin.

    Bitcoin donations greatly appreciated here


  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/317378255096076

    This group is where I'm currently hosting the working zip file.

  • Awesome that its coming along!

    i'll follow the facebook group!

    Byt the way, is bitcoins even real?

    i never had the chance to sit down and read about it, haha.

  • Ohh yes it is to both your question and statement.

    The first functional yet limited version of the plugin is available now(No bells or whistles yet)

    Bitcoins are becoming more mainstream by the week(sometimes day)

    There are now businesses that will transfer your bitcoins to cash and vice versa.

    Not many people shop with it yet(the dollar value is still unstable, but better)

    People use it more as an investment at the moment(stock market, sort of)

  • lancelocke.yourhosting.com/fb for a working example of the newest version.

  • Its coming along great!

    thanks for your work!

  • The current Facebook api that my old plugins and the Scirra Facebook plugin use will be expiring in 2015. With that in mind I have been creating a new plugin based on the Facebook 2.0 API. This API is the current used and is not set to expire until 2016.

    More information will be coming as features are added, but if you want a sneak peak please head over to the Facebook user group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/317378255096076/#

    You can also see an example here http://lancelocke.yourhosting.com/fb/

    Fair warning, the plugin located at that group is a beta version. So bugs may be present(Please report them there)

  • Really great! I've a game almost ready to test it, what features are currently available in the beta version?

  • It would appear that for mobile to be used, facebook apps need to have native support switched on. This is easy, the downside is you need to redirect to a facebook page which takes away all control from our app. I haven't touched my plugin, in a while now because I'm working on a nodejs rpg c2 project. What I might suggest that everyone try is this. Turn on native support in your app, ad the browser plugin, and using the open new window function, redirect to the facebook login for native apps. This of course assumes that c2 mobile allows the browser plugin?


  • can post capx ?

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