[Behavior] moveto

  • YetAnotherSuperhero

    Do you mean that slowing down the speed to 0, then changing the direction, then speeding up to ma speed?

  • Yeah that's right!

    Would it be possible?

  • YetAnotherSuperhero

    I need to check the rotate behavior.

    BTW, there already had an official rotate behavior, why not put this requirement to "Construct 2 general"forum?

  • rexrainbow - I downloaded your MoveTo behavior and, as Ashley said we could do, dragged it into C2, itself. The only behavior I see, though, is a "Drag & Drop", which I didn't add. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks, man.

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  • move the unzipped moveTo folder to c:/prgoram files/construct2/html5/exporter/behaviors/

  • rexrainbow, thans for the moveTo plugin, but i can add the behaviour to a tectbox, however when i want to select the action on the event sheet, its not listed in the list of objects to be selected. Is there a way around this or its not possible

  • rexrainbow I've run into a bit of a brick wall with the moveTo plugin; it updates the current angle of motion after the sprite has changed direction, moved, and come to a halt. I'm trying to use the current movement angle to trigger animations, and at the moment they are all a step behind.

  • Is it a limitation of the Construct 2 free edition that i can't use this plugin ?

  • argail

    Free edition could use all 3rd plugins, include this one.

  • it gives me an error that it can't be load due to incompatibility. i'm using the last release of construct 2.

  • Ok, i solved.... it was my mistake of course!!! wrong folder...

  • I have tried it and it works fine Rex. Thanks again for this plug ins

  • I'm sorry, I don't mean to bump this topic (if that's bad), but this plugin is absolutely amazing. Thank you for taking the time to create it!

  • I'm sorry, I don't mean to bump this topic (if that's bad), but this plugin is absolutely amazing. Thank you for taking the time to create it!

    I agree totally

  • For all who are interested:

    I am writing a shoot-em-up game and I needed to design flight patterns for my enemy ships. It's kind of like a waypoint system where they would move into the play area past the top of the screen, moveto point A, moveto point B, moveto point C etc... until it moves to outside the screen again past the bottom.

    However, the moveto plugin kept on triggering true on the condition "On MoveTo Hit Target", which is what I didn't want. So I made a small modification on line 105 of runtime.js:

    Instead of this:

    if ( (this.remain_distance <= 0) || (this.current_speed <= 0) )[/code:3hn30p3n]
    it's now:
    [code:3hn30p3n]if (this.remain_distance <= 0)[/code:3hn30p3n]
    I sure don't need "current_speed <= 0" to be true. Just wanted to share is all... it might help those who want such a waypoint feature.
    Or maybe it's an error? Not sure, that's for @rexrainbow to comment.
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