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  • Cipriux

    It's another story.

  • rex_dragdrop2

    Temp document : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/577 ... drop2.html

    Add "Action:Try drag", Try to drag this object if is in touched.



  • Update:

    rex_touchwrap plugin , add "Condition:On touch released at object", to pick the objects which are overlapped at touch released point.

  • I'm encountering strange bug in project that was OK couple of C2 updates ago. While trying to open the project, I'm getting this dialog:

    Unable to load project
    Could not open project '\\?\C:\Users\Rafal\AppData\Local\Temp\capX9RMAM\AvoidEm.caproj':
    Cannot find action with the ID 6 in the behavior 'MoveTo' (Rex_MoveTo). This is usually caused by a third-party behavior developer removing the action from the behavior in an update (instead they should set the deprecated flag on it which does not break existing projects), or reinstalling an older version of the behavior that does not have an action used in this project.
    Actually I'm using C2 r184.
    Any idea what to do?
  • tecbug

    You might try to re-download rex_moveto behavior.

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  • It worked - thanks.

  • Does the regular moveTo event use delta time already? I see there is a deltaXY option but I can't get to to work at all for me.

  • twg

    The deltaXY is to set the target moving position by delta X and delta Y.

    For example, object at (100, 100) and move to deltaXY = ( 0, -100) will move to target position (100, 0).

    X = 100 + 0

    Y = 100 + (-100)

  • I have found strange glitch In general my hero is destroying boxes, if box has instance variable "coin = 1"

    then it generates coin (with moveto behavior) and moves the box up (wait 0.4s) and down;

    if box has instance variable "coin = 0" then just moves the box up (wait 0.4s) and down

    and now the funny part: if I change instance variable value from 1 to 0 at beggining or in the middle of events list, then 2nd box movement (going down) differs with a few pixels = it gives funny view of boxes on little different levels

    if I change instance variable value from 1 to 0 after all moveto movements, then everything is fine

  • szymek

    Uh, sorry. Could you provide a sample capx for this case?

  • rexrainbow

    not really But it is strange that changing instance variable even before MoveTo movement is affecting them. Maybe it is some C2 glitch.

  • I tried Touchwrap plugin and I found it awesome.


  • I tried Touchwrap plugin and I found it awesome.


    It is just similar with official touch plugin, nothing new.

  • That´s true. As you see, I´m new here, and I´m studying a lot Construct.

    I will take care with the old posts in the future.

    But, it "was" awesome

  • Great Plugin!

    Thank you very much

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