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  • MoveTo (Update: 2013/05/02)

    touch wrap




    [plugin] TouchWrap. The different between touchwrap and official touch plugin are

    -Touchwrap will keep tracing position of cursor when mouse moving even if mouse click is not down.

    • Touchwrap will keep the lastest touch or cursor position when touch end or mouse click up.
  • plugin -- touchmouse

    In pc, mouse plugin can be used, but touch can not. In pad, touch plugin can be used, but mouse can not.

    If you want to make a game running on pc and pad, you may create double events for both mouse and touch.

    Here is a mouse plugin extension that merging touch events from original touch plugin.

    The events mapping list below.

    mouse: On click: Left/Middle/Right + Clicked/Double-clicked

    = touch:On touch start (touch has no key mapped from Left/Middle/Right)

    mouse: On any click

    = touch: On touch start

    mouse: Mouse button is down: Left/Middle/Right

    = touch: Is in touch

    mouse: On button released: Left/Middle/Right

    = touch: On touch end

    mouse: On object clicked: Left/Middle/Right + Clicked/Double-clicked

    = touch: On touched object

    mouse: Cursor is over object

    = touch: Is touching object

    Using touchmouse plugin for supporting mouse and touch at a single event.

  • Thanks! I have tried them all and works perfectly. They are an amazing timesaver.

  • Yes, thanks for contributing. These will come in handy some day.

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  • Update:

    Set instance's position related to layer. Before is using absolute position which may be wrong when scrolling layer.

    Sorry, my mistake.

  • Sorry again, I update cursor again. <img src="smileys/smiley26.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Drag & drop has the same problem with cursor.

    Now I use position related layer like in cursor plugin.

  • Thanks for these plugins..

  • Behavior plugin -- MoveTo (download)

    Moving the sprite to the target position straightly from current position.

    To assign target position, use action:Set target position.

    You can assign acceleration or deceleration if need.

  • awesome! A fantastic contribution.

  • Update of moveto behavior:

    • keep current speed on action:"Set target position" (in previous version, current speed will be set to 0 if acc!=0)
    • add action:"Set Current speed". If you still like to start moving at speed=0(or something else), use it.

    Special thanks to gonzdevour.

  • There is a bug about getting Touch.Y found by gonzdevour.

    So I update touchmouse plugin

  • HI There

    I am rather new and follow several tutor in

    creating some basis games

    Now I would love to make some for touch mobile device

    BUT how do I use your plugin ?

    Would you be kind to explain a little

    .. where to install

    .. how to use in C2



  • This tutorial is made by gonzdevour.

    <img src="http://i1220.photobucket.com/albums/dd443/gonzdevour/HowtoUsePlugin600.jpg" border="0">

    or see this for larger image.


  • Thanks a lot .. rexrainbow

    I see :-)

    I still have some trouble

    my wish is to drag a sprite along the x-axis with TOUCH

    hope you or someone can help me


  • I will try, maybe it need some days.

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