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  • Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

    I really like your behavior. There is a small problem that happens randomly after leaving a layout with enemies that tween then coming back and making them tween then they will become too big. I made a code to correct their scale when they do it but you can still see the enemies try to scale up.

    Whenever your not busy then maybe you could look into it but it isn't anything that needs to be fixed right away.

  • Hello World,

    This might have been asked before, but I'll be honest with you, I don't feel like going through 40 pages of posts....

    How would I go about randomizing with this behavior?

    For example lets say that I want event "on tween end" action "set easing to" and then randomly pick from one of the other easings. It seems I can randomize the duration and target and stuff like that, but is there a way to randomize the easing it chooses next?

    Thank you.

  • If you want the object with the litetween behavior to do 2 different things at once, eg: move AND rotate, is that possible? or do you have to add the behavior twice (one for each type of move)?

    also what's the best way to use it if you want moves to play out once after each other. eg: move THEN rotate

  • You need the behaviour twice, then "On end" of one, Start the other. Although in this case one would do, you would just switch all of the parameters to the "other" settings.

  • hello,

    i'm having a problem actually using LiteTween,

    i'm asking a sprite to move from Y:587 (outside layout) to Y:325

    Active on start: No

    i'm using Vertical

    Function: EaseOutBounce


    Mode Absolute

    Duration 2

    Enforce Mode Enforce

    my problem is that it can sometimes work if i set it to 1 sec, or if i change function, it can goes completly crazy and do shit...

    this sprite is followed by a second sprite wich must act the same way.

    it has work correctly 1 time or 2 with some parameters, but after changing duration to 2 sec, or tryed different function, the sprite goes crazy again and bounce uncorrectly

  • i made also some basic tests outside my project to find the error,

    make a simple scene with one sprite (on wich you may add wrap behavior) + 1button

    in the event:

    when button is clicked, start tween

    maybe i'm wrong and didn't understanded correctly the pdf, but Absolute coordonate should well pose the sprite in coordinate 100,100 in absolute, so if i ask a second time to move to 100,100 and the sprite is alreayd there, it should not move, right ?

    because actually the sprite is moving a first time to 100,100 and a second time to elsewhere following the same direction. but will not stop in 100,100 like espected

    and it's the same for vertical, horizontal.

    EaseInElastic doesn't replace the sprite at the good position

  • Made a new plugin folder for it, but gets an error on loading C2:

    "Unable to load plugin in......."

    "Found 'GetPluginSettings' global, but is not a function"

    "This plugin will not be available in the editor."


  • janlindso Drag the folder to the Behaviours folder, not Plugins.

  • Love this behaviors; unbelievable time saver. I'm experiencing one small issue which I'm sure is my fault, but I can't seem to figure it out.

    I have a sprite with 3 litetweens (not active on start, position, target x&y specific to each, absolute, compromise). I'm basically shuffling all 3 of them back and forth, thinking it should go between all 3 targets, but for some reason it seems to be adding a "relativity" to it and pushing it further to the right beyond it's absolute target (ie, if litetween1 plays, then 2, then 1 again, it doesn't actually go back to the 1 location). Am I doing something wrong?

  • Sorry for the late replies guys :<


    Well, it's not something that I would like add to the litetween behaviour, if I add more and more features into it, the behavior will slowly be infested with more bugs and the interface and actions will become complicated. For things that can be done with event sheet, I prefer it to be done on event sheet. These kinds of things like controlling the tween or randomizing it really should be done with event sheet.


    Try setting it on 'Enforce' instead of compromise, it looked like that is what you need. Compromise will try to 'compromise' with another behavior that change the object's position, for example if you have sine and tween run together, it will try to still play both instead of trying to compete with the behavior for controlling the object position.


    On the Litetween start there's an option to choose 'start from last recorded' or 'start from current' which will start the tween from the proper position. Litetween is originally made to make movements of GUI, so it is simpler to make it defaulting to 'start from last recorded' instead of current. But if this is not what you mean, please let me know and I'll check it again.

  • That's exactly what I was asking lunarray . Because I don't see how it can be done with events since when choosing the easing I don't get a place where I can type text so I can put some kind of random() expression in. I only get that dropdown list that lets me select just one easing. So how could I ever randomize it with events?

  • Thanks lunarray; it was also the fact that I accidentally had the 2nd tier on the "start" action set to start from last recorded instead of current. Fixing that with enforce all works wonderfully now! Thanks again for such an amazing time-saving plugin.


    I made a simple example and put it on my dropbox, it will be easier if you use family so you don't have to make bunch of functions for each object. You can download it here

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  • blackant

    Uh, I suddenly realized what you are talking about, forget my earlier comment >.<, just set it to Enforce if you want it to behave like what you stated earlier. The problem with absolute and compromise mode is something that would break alot of things if changed.

  • Cool, thanks for the capx lunarray . I'll try it your way.

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