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    Download Link : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wihx4st3cozcsrw/AADfFeKERT_SpzB49TsAfu1ya?dl=0

    Other HMMG Plugins : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eyld20nrw3ersuy/AABNz84T_KdQGoYjHFsj2Y-8a?dl=0

    Hey guys here is a new Behavior for TextBox , this behavior will allow you to show Suggests like in google search textbox


    Add the behavior to your Textbox , then with action add Suggests that's all

    How to install :

    Copy/Paste the Folder in the zip file to your behavior's directory

    Close and re-open Construct 2 if it's opened

    How to Use and Preview


    Add text and it's data in the right form then try to type the text in the left Textbox

    Preview :

    Preview Commande :

    ************** Properties **************

    Suggestions Container CSS

    Suggestion CSS

    Selected suggestion CSS

    Matched text CSS

    ************** Conditions **************

    On Suggest Selected : Triggered when a Suggest is Selected.

    ************** Actions **************

    Add a suggest : Add a suggest to the Textbox

    ************** Expressions **************

    SelectedData : Return the last selected suggest's Data

    SelectedText : Return the last selected suggest's Text

    If you like the BEHAVIOR , a little help is always welcome! Donate

    hope it's gonna be usefull for some of you

    If any one have a probleme with the BEHAVIOR email me "hsmouadh@gmail.com" , i will reply at max 5 - 6 hours

  • The link of demo might be broken.

  • hey , it's working normal here is the Link : http://www.mouadhhsoumi.tk/programmation/construct%202/Autocomplete

  • Pretty cool, could be useful!

  • Just other day i was thinking how to make this!!!

  • xanxion hope that

    irina hihihiii here is it :p :p

  • hey hmmg,

    your plugins is really cool, it works well for the big major part,

    if i can suggest some improvements,

    i'm using XML to setup suggestions, and the informations inside it may contain duplicated answers,

    should nice to have more property to compare if the string is already contained inside text suggestion.

    also, i do'nt relate what is Data related to? i can let it blank and it's still working.

    i have also tryed to modify th CSS in the properties panel, but the result looks always similar in the game.

    there is also no way to define max height of the suggestion panel, wich may be usefull for design.

  • Demo is not working with newest Firefox.

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  • Edelplastic

    I have the last version "39.0" it works perfectly

  • Hello hmmg, it's is possible to answer to blackant master, because i've a same problem. In input text with auto complete behaviour, i've change a different color in background. In game, the modifications is the same at begining.

    Thanks for your answer.

  • ok, the options in behaviour panel is ok. If you are many input text, you change each behaviour panel that is to take effect.

  • I've a question again, it's normal what your plugin doesn't works in facebook?

  • as you told me it works on the new stable version

  • Sorry, it's me again, i've a problem with height of auto complete suggestion containers. I put in suggestion containers settings "max-height:200px; width: 336px...". But it's does'nt works. The size is the same at the beginning and the height of suggestion it's too big and i when clicked suggestion i clicked a same time the buton back a list of suggestion.

    My question is How to resize a auto complete containers with a css function?

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Thanks for your answers.

  • I find a solution, i change the value "height-max=300px" with "height-max=80px"(for exemple) in jquery.autocomplete.js script in the autocomplete behaviour file ()

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