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  • matriax i know that firefly is made by a founder but really who cares? they promote firefly cause people wants to put in their games 3d. so they want a small piece from other engines pie (which support 3d). this will increase buyers and this increase income too. so imo first reason behind promotion is this -money-.if x3m release firefly in clickteam store believe me they promote it exactly like they do now. they do better with social media. don't they?

    scirra has q3d and now babylon3d and yes its not official plugin but a 3rd one, but it makes the same things (even if it has no particle editor yet but babylon support them as well ""). so is really awkward why not promote it as well? it will bring more people in and obviously more money also. so the goal is the same even if the situations are different, official and 3rd party.

    honestly firefly's 80 usd to me is the most overpriced thing i ever see and also their promotion with the 95-98 graphics is terrible.but they promote it.

  • spy84 I was expecting it to bring a 3D viewport to the software but no it is just an addon which may be based on Threejs or Babylonjs. 80$ would have seemed reasonable if there was a 3D viewport for easy objects manipulations, IMO its a rip off, and Clickteam fusion's software itself is a mess.

    The only engine that goes toe to toe with C2 is Godot which I'm using in parallel. Not only that it's free, but it also has both 2D and 3D viewports (Like Unity) and comes with dozens of templates.

    Regarding promoting the plugin, I can't do it right now since I don't have enough things to showcase as advertissement, I need to make some playable games first before going into promotions via social medias. So that people have an idea what they can do with this plugin.

  • X3M i agree fusion 2.5 is a mess. i hope they fix that in fusion 3. i prefer c2 for now. look firefly has nothing yet to show either i tweet to them to show something greater and not only cubes and packman style games and they answered that they are not modellers...its a bad promotion but is a promotion. but beside that my problem is that you start this thread 2.5 months ago and the download option is still on "pending". you've done a great tool and we are waiting for aproval for some time now...

  • Fusion's addon is using irrlicht engine- the same that coppercube uses.

    it's not ideal - and compiles only to windows atm

    I agree that Godot is waaay better than both construct2 and clickteam fusion and it's free!

    Unsurprisingly, due to it's open source nature- it is growing like wildfire in terms of users and new features contributed to its github

    But it has a couple of drawbacks:

    • you still need to learn a scripting language called gdscript - its a very simple language, but sometimes you may get stuck and need to ask the community for help
    • there are not as many out of the box easy plugins for functionality and shaders - like construct2. So you can argue that you create it via code.

    Things like inapp purchases and admob for example.. or spine2d support. That stuff is not a part of the engine and you have to get it from other github servers as modules and recompile godot and the exporters to have it added.

    Their new asset system might solve this if the community keeps contributing code. Apart of that functionality is not hard to code - as godot comes with tons of nodes.

  • Download has been approved, added a mini game with capx.

  • In the example of race, as I can, on that same map, make it serve me for an FPS, because the gravity goes down, and if I change the sense of gravity is uncontrollable.

    Sorry for my english.

  • Downloaded, hope finish other things to get into this.

    X3M So, this is the final version, bug free?

  • MATAGUIRIS Can you please elaborate more ? I don't quite understand what you're trying to achieve

    matriax Yes hopefully.

  • X3M In the racing capx, I want to eliminate the car, and to be able to move with the camera like in an FPS, doom type.

  • To see if I explain myself better, I want to be able to move as in the First Person Shooter on the stage of the race example.

  • in other words you want to set the camera from the driver's point of view

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  • Hmm thats actually tricky because of two main issues :

    1- The example uses the C2 Car behavior which is 2 dimensional, the car goes on X and Y axis, so if you rotate the models 90 degrees on X axis, you will have problems with the car behavior, it will drive on the air.

    2- The BabylonJS Camera has a fixed XYZ axis that cannot be changed, I can't make it to walk on the XZY axis.

    I've got this request before in this thread about making FPS games from top down view C2 design, but I couldn't make it to work because of the engine limitations and the incompatibily with the C2 XY behaviors.

    If you find any solution for this, please notify me.

  • Ok thanks, I will continue researching the plugin XD

  • Another question...

    Can the camera collide with an obj-mesh object?

  • Another question...

    Can the camera collide with an obj-mesh object?

    Yes, you should activate collisons for both Camera and the object in events ( You can also activate camera collison via tab properties [Check Collisions => True )

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