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  • fuego96 Thanks for the report, I will make sure to go over all functions once I finished the laser-decals behavior and the 3d sound plugin

    X3M could you please throw up a description the of the internal editor for Babylon 3D in Construct 2. As well as, to put up a video of the internal editor in action. Even if it's just moving around a room with a few objects, all done in the C2 IDE with B3D, that would be awesome. Thank you for your time so far.

    I want to buy this tonight, but want to be sure I know what you mean by "Now you can create scenes from scratch using in C2 without the need of a 3D editor."

  • X3M We have New OBJ-JS object, NewMesh object and now we have 3D Sprite?

    I guess the 3D sprite is the thing you said about use it like C2 sprites in events but, why do another plugin? or the NewMesh object now is deprecated? If not what are the differences?

    Seems the 0.6 is near, hope fix the HD problems and install C2 and all the stuff to be ready.

  • adcornaglia matriax

    The next version will be the last (1.0) . I just finished working on the 3D Sound plugin and now I'm gonna do 1 more plugin and 3 more behaviors :

    • 3D Text
    • Skyshader
    • Fire material
    • Water material

    I may add more later, but now my main goal is to verify everything first.

    I'm going to be busy next year ( the whole year), I've got some things to do in life that are going to prevent me from working on this plugin. So the best way to do it is to release one last version that's stable and holds most features.

  • Hi X3M, I wanted to ask you a question, I do not know if it will be possible XD

    For the creation of scenarios from Construct 2, the view is lateral, and z that in theory is the depth is seen from the front, so it is difficult to adjust the objects.

    Could not the editor be seen from above? So there would be no problems with the X and Y, it would be as always, and simply we would have to control the z height, but it would be much easier to create the levels.

    You watch the video that I leave next, from the minute 1:25, is an example of how could improve the editor from Construct 2, taking the view from above.

    All this I just think would be fine, but I do not know if it is possible.

  • MATAGUIRIS i requested that weeks ago, X3M told me the 0.6 will have an option to set the axis X,Y,Z to work for 2D platform or creating levels like that .

    So if the next version will be the last 1.0 i guess he will add all that.

    Waiting for that version, hope finally have all the tools to work as we want.

  • I'm going to be busy next year ( the whole year), I've got some things to do in life that are going to prevent me from working on this plugin. So the best way to do it is to release one last version that's stable and holds most features.

    so the 0.6 is released yet or is just the announcement?

    all features you added are great, i cant wait to test them all out

  • MATAGUIRIS As matriax said, you will have the option to choose the Axis order (XYZ or ZYX), but you can still make a platformer or a top down view game using the same default order X Y Z, it's just a matter of perspective.

    No I didn't release it, I decided to take it easy and release a finished product with all the features, also I need to find a way to apply C2 effects on meshes, Its possible but I just need to determine the right approach.

  • ... also I need to find a way to apply C2 effects on meshes, Its possible but I just need to determine the right approach.

    that sounds awesome keep up the good work, i bet you will find the best approach.

  • X3M

    It is already possible to set two cameras, side by side, to perform VR effects with Google Cardboard, in the actual version, 0.5?

  • NRABrazil I didn't experiment with VR yet to include it in the plugin.

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  • X3M Apply C2 effects to individual mesh objects will be awesome :O .

    About the new +3D sprite, Can you give us some info? Whats the differece between NewMesh Objects? Will have this ones finally texture animations using their frames? (Please say yes! ) , To use models as sprites workflow in events only will work with 3D Sprites or also with NewMesh, lights?, etc... lots of questions!


    About the behaviours, the laser i guess you have to add it on a mesh so why not add to the Babylon Mesh category? Or i'm missing something? I mean is a waste of space 1 category for only one behaviour.

  • X3M i recently played a bit in C2 with the plugins physics 0.5 right? there are some features that are missing, for example, we got impuls at X Y Z of the ball, and intensity... but we dont have impuls towards a position on map, on a point X Y Z or maybe im missunderstanding the usage.

    can you make the examples public again for the beta 0.5? i need to take a look at the physics example you had. i think there was a physics example with the mario style thingy no?

    im more interested in a 8 ball pool type of gameplay or ball impulse usage, more then player or box movement, cause that sort of i have it partially figured out.

    also wanted to ask you, what is the default view of the babylon3d?

    when i say default view... C2 canvas is X left to right and Y top to bottom right?

    babylon is X - acting as Z(depth) as i see or my camera is just messed up, y- up down as normal, and Z as X does that happen to you also? O.O?

    what i mean is ... is the default camera position pointed from a top perspective keeping the XY untouched and just Z being deepth? or is it 90 degrees to left or upsidedown?

  • matriax Effects on meshes 50% complete :

    3D Sprite unfortunately won't support frames, you will just import a sprite sheet into the animation and set the cells width and height.

    It was meant to be this way because the plugin uses a Sprite managing system which uses a whole sprite sheet directly, and slices it depending on how the size of the cells, instead of loading each frame seperatly and going from frame 0 to 1 to 2, which is CPU intensive, hence the reason of making this plugin.

    The plugin can come useful if you want to make an isometric game (such as an RPG), so you will be designing a 3D game wich delivers the performance of a 2D game.

    The laser behavior can be applied to meshes or cameras, and it supports decals (Bullet holes).

    Thanks for the report, yes it should be X Y and Z for depth, I will fix the problem.

  • X3M Ah! The C2 effects are applied to the mesh texture, i thought was for the mesh model that will be awesome, btw for the texture as you showed we also can do interesting things.

    About the animation frames... , btw if we can do it with a sprite sheet may works for a thing i have in mind, i think never used the sprite sheet on C2 i will give a try.

  • matriax C2 and Babylonjs use Fragment shaders also known as Pixel shaders :


    Pixel shaders[edit]

    Pixel shaders, also known as fragment shaders, compute color and other attributes of each "fragment" - a technical term usually meaning a single pixel. The simplest kinds of pixel shaders output one screen pixel as a color value; more complex shaders with multiple inputs/outputs are also possible. Pixel shaders range from always outputting the same color, to applying a lighting value, to doing bump mapping, shadows, specular highlights, translucency and other phenomena. They can alter the depth of the fragment (for Z-buffering), or output more than one color if multiple render targets are active. In 3D graphics, a pixel shader alone cannot produce very complex effects, because it operates only on a single fragment, without knowledge of a scene's geometry. However, pixel shaders do have knowledge of the screen coordinate being drawn, and can sample the screen and nearby pixels if the contents of the entire screen are passed as a texture to the shader. This technique can enable a wide variety of two-dimensional postprocessing effects, such as blur, or edge detection/enhancement for cartoon/cel shaders. Pixel shaders may also be applied in intermediate stages to any two-dimensional images—sprites or textures—in the pipeline, whereas vertex shaders always require a 3D scene. For instance, a pixel shader is the only kind of shader that can act as a postprocessor or filter for a video stream after it has been rasterized.

    What you are refering to are Geometry shaders which are not available in WebGL.

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