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  • Oh! so finally there is no way to build a FPS levels using a top view natively? I was waiting for that , so i guess at the end we will have to do it using the events trick.

    Installed and testing the templates and realized the FPS one not have mouselock ¿? no worked at the end? I remember you made a try but still not worked properly but in this one not have nothing. You forgot it or simply was impossible to work correctly in C2? The TiAM Mouse Lock plugin works perfectly but will be great had it natively on babylon.

  • matriax The mouse lock works, but the camera does not exceed 360 degrees, the devs made it this way to simulate a human head , which cannot rotate 360 degrees like an owl for example. So you can look right and left but not back, if you wanna look behind you will need to step diagonally just like in real life.

    Also the mouse lock works better if you go to fullscreen mode.

    About the FPS problem, try setting the scene native gravity on the Z axis like (0,0,-9.8) this way the camera will drop forward, but then you will have to find a way to make the camera stand on the Z axis and not act as if its laying on the ground.

  • X3M Well i think i have it, now i can create a FPS with top down levels on C2, was more different that in the 0.2 but finally got it, also added compatibility to scaling and by default set the center of the objects in the bottom so when they are scaled in Y they always appear over the floor not floating or cutting it.

    One thing i can't find in events is how to change the offset of the mesh, this:

    With events i can change all that appears in the image less the Offset, that will be perfect to create the grid for objects and set the floor/plants or add a pile of objects one over other. Maybe you forgot to add it or appears with other name?

  • matriax I forgot about those, I'll be adding them in the next update, now I'm working on some tutorials : ... rials.html

  • X3M Ah ok! thanks!

    Wow this tutorials are looking great! are the .capx available to download?

  • X3M The specular power on Mesh properties in the NewMesh objects is inversed. When less value you put, more Specular power and more shinies gets the object. ¿? .

  • matriax Oh I didn't pay attention to it

  • X3M Well, not bad for the first day:

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    Most of the time was testing again and again to get the top level design work with all the 3D models. Not all clean as i wanted but works i will optimize later.

    Fighting again with the "stairs" and gravity haha, tomorrow hope to test the change of mesh ellipsoid and other things to see if now they work correctly and can do this thing more easy.

  • matriax It would be better if you matched the scene skycolor (Clear color) with the fog color, your video looks smooth, is it a 60 FPS video ? what screen recorder are you using ?

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  • X3M I can not get the camera to collide with an ojb. ... ision.capx

  • The object and the scene have the collision state On?

    X3M About the fog yes, for some reason the fog was 32,32,32 instead 0,0,0 now is ok.

    I'm using OBS for record videos using the NVENC H.264 wich uses the GPU not the CPU I can do 60fps videos but with 30fps looks good and for a bitrate in 1080p looks much better when streaming.

  • MATAGUIRIS Here is an example

    Here is a fully detailed explanation:

    As you know, obj models are widely available on the Internet, but the modellers can be sometimes noobs and they don't set the pivot to the center of the model or sometimes the scaling factor of the pivot is not 1. Or sometimes the obj can be composed of several meshes which is a problem. So to solve this problem I added an extra mesh which will act as a parent, you can see it if you set Debug to True in the OBJ properties.

    So when you import an obj model, you need to see if the debug mesh fits perfectly to the obj, if not then you should use those XYZ scaling and offset parameters to adjust fit the model.

    And finally you activate collisions for the mesh debugger.

    matriax Oh I see so it's for Nvidia only ?

  • X3M The NVENC H.264 yes is only for Nvidia Cards(if i understood well how works), appeared after install the last drivers.

    BTW, with OBS with the H.264 normal codec i can do videos smooth like this until 1500x(Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4Ghz 4cores). For full windows at 1080p i get lots of frames drops, but with the NVENC H.264 no matter the resolution, uses the GPU not the CPU so i can do 1080p videos at 60fps of any fullscreen app or game without problems that was used in that video.

  • First error/bug :

    (Is a NewCamera and a NewMesh)


    Trying to figure how convert the object degress into the camera ones but works in a weird form. The only way i achieved is adding another object and "Set camera target".

    I tried the "set camera rotation" and "Set rotation by", but the coordinates are so weirds, also when you turn around no sets again to 0 continues.

    I have a sprite that show the camera image in the C2 layout. Actually sets the camera position and the other thing i wanted is set the camera rotation depending of the angle of the sprite(0-360º), but the camera not uses the 360º, uses another and i was unable to do the conversion, the unique way is using the mesh target.

    Is there anyway to get the 0-360º of the camera to be more easy for manage?

    EDIT: Oh well Babylon.js uses Radians, here all explained:

    Going to use that maths expresions to see if i can achieve the conversion correctly.

  • The stage is created with Magica Voxel, then I export as obj.

    So I can not create a scenario, export it as an obj and use it as a scenario?

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