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  • <center><font size="3">Construct 2 Repository</font>

    First Beta version - Please report any issues.


    I forgot to mention something on the help file : Double-click on a line to open details.


    <font color="blue">The latest version 'beta' was updated : 16 march 2012</font>

    <font color="red">There's a problem with installing the Chat object (from rexrainbow), the tool crashes. I'm working on it and come back with a solution/a fix.</font>

    This version is a first beta. It's actually supporting only plugins. Behaviors, and more, will come later as well as the objects's description. This development took my whole time, write and bring descriptions is really long to.

    Please be patient.

    Also, be aware that I've got already many ideas for new functionalities, but I'll wait for your feedbacks and see if this tool is useful for the community.

    If not, I will stop the development but will still continue to update the database.

    A first graphic help.

    This tool can display if you have the latest version of a plugin (It's really usefull, specially because there's already 90 plugins available now) BUT it work only if the developers set the 'version' parameter in the edittime.js

    I have some requests for them

    ( Mipey rexrainbow Magistross Joe7 Geo Yann R0J0hound Pode Wastrel shinkan juantar Kyatric wgfunstorm jessejoh PixelRebirth Zack0Wack0 Yarfapet CodeMasterMike Ubivis )

    • It would be really appreciated if you could add the 'version' parameter in edittime.js (and take care to update it each time you update your plugin)
    • If you have time, do not hesitate to send me a description of your plugin/behavior.
    • If you have time and if it's possible, could you provide me a better resolution of your plugins's icon.
    • Please add a CUSTOM ICON to your plugin's folder (that's not specially about only this tool, but for clearness of using C2 too).
    • Please, continue to make a really good job !

    Thank you very much to all of you ;)

    *** original message ***</center>

    Hey guys, I wanted to share with you my new project.

    I'm actually doing a break with plugins development but have some ideas to, hopefully, help the C2 community (this one is one amongst others).

    I think about this since a while now, and started to develop it a few hours ago.

    This is an windows app which'll group all plugins and behaviors for Construct 2, but specially will let you know when a new version of a plugin is updated.

    I'll be in charge of manually grouping them as well as I'll manually update the informations.

    Here is the first layout of the project did in Photoshop.

    I'll be back with further infos asap.


    I thought that is the good section to post it but feel free to move it if it's not.

  • Less store, more repository.

    Besides wouldn't want Apple to sue.

  • newt

    Ahah :) The name isn't definitive ^^

  • Fine by me.

    Cool layout too.

    Have you been in touch with Tom ?

    It seems he wants to do about something along those lines on the website, maybe there could be a way to merge the two projects.

    I think it's worth a PM at least ^^

    Also agreed with tewn, a repositery rather than a store.

    It feels more accurate.

  • supercool..go on Sept

  • I like


  • Really nice layout... good luck with your project :)

  • That'd be so much easier to browse the plug-ins by categories and stuff... Although I must agree. "Store" is a heavy term to be used (even cuz most of the plug-ins are made by us, free)

  • Kyatric

    Thanks, I'll see with him.

    I have some good ideas that I think will be useful ;)

  • I love it....

  • Just realized, the subtle irony that this could be made in CC.

    Minus Rex's passion for 7zip of course.

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  • newt

    Another irony, I'm helping the C2 communauty by doing this app with Multimedia Fusion, a direct concurent of C2... :/

    But other irony, I've heard about C2 thanks to Multimedia Fusion...

  • What's the back-end of this app?

  • Blasphemy. lol


    Shouldn't take much, just a host for the files, and a list to parse.

    Wouldn't need much in the way of security, so plain http would do fine for the client.

  • rexrainbow

    Sorry I don't understand your question...


    I'm ashamed ;)

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