[APP] Construct 2 Repository (BETA)

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  • edisone

    Yesterday, I've got some problems to access to the data files. Please try again, and if it still doesn't work, try to reinstall it.

    Let me know. Thanks

  • septeven

    i just did...it says "construct 2 folder found" but same error as before :)

    no prob...i will wait the next version...keep working good ;)

  • Sorry but I stop the maintenance of this tool, apparently useless.

    I'm specially sorry for rexrainbow to have asked him to add the version number to all of his plugins.

    No more explanations needed.

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How else will I manage to sort my plugins? <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Bad news.

    septeven: If you need help and I'm able to help(-I'm not familar with Multimedia Fusion-) -perhaps with the serverside stuff or whatever- drop some lines. Do you have a specific reason that you want/can tell us why you stop it? If it's too much work perhaps you can split the developing among some people.

  • The problem of a double installation of plugins. It so happens that the plug on the forum and in the repository have different folder names. When installing it is not replaced, and get up close. When you start Construct indicates an error. This is the only issue worthy of attention. In general, this is a great tool and really helps.

  • septeven

    Never mind. I understand it will take a lot of effort to maintain it manually.

    Or you could make a server to let plugin makers/capx makers upload by them-self. Server could provide a table to help them write some descriptions for showing on client.

  • I have to manually convert each icon to a png file, have to manually convert all non-zip files to zip files, etc...

    It takes so long time, I might develop a server app which does it automatically, but it would take me so long time as well.

    Maybe one day, I might work on it back again. We'll see.

    I thought about the server side of the question, but I prefer wait and see what Tom will do on the website.

    Sorry again.

  • septeven

    I had made a small plugin exporter/importer before for other tool.

    My solution is to make a client tool to export plugin by these steps:

    1. get the plugins list (folder)

    2. pop up a gui to let user select which plugin (folder) need to be exported

    3. zip plugin (folder), save it to other location.

    • In your case, you can save it to your server.

    So that you don't need to collect/maintain these plugins.

    Since zipping is handled by client tool, server can unzip it and get data correctly.

  • septeven, rexrainbow

    What about the idea to store all the plugins and behaviors similar rexrainbow does it already now, and describe them only on a (dynamic) website.

    With SVN-clients it should be possible only checking updates in specific folders(=foldernames=the installed plugin-names) in this complete repository. Perhaps anybody knows/finds a very simple and configurable svn-client or something better.

    This should be easier possible or not? Sure, the png-Images but this is another problem.. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Sorry but I stop the maintenance of this tool, apparently useless..

    septeven why u say that ?this tool will be very useful,not useless at all...u just need time to fix it...come on,don't stop ur project...do for all the people believing in u :)

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  • edisone

    Sorry guy, only thing I could recommand is to wait for the Tom's solution, which'll be to integrate sth similar directly on the scirra website.

  • Nice one! did you make this app with MMF2?

  • Tom: Do you have any plans for an app for the Third-Party-Plugins?

    I've thought a bit about that and have an possible idea how to implement a plugin-app with Construct Classic and php on the server-side. Currently I've no time for serious work on that but if Scirra will create something official I can save my pretesting-time..

  • Joe7

    Tom has plans for a solution directly integrated to the website of Scirra. This obviously won't be an app.

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