[APP] Construct 2 Repository (BETA)

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  • I think rex might be thinking about interfacing with something like github, sourceforge, etc.

  • septeven

    Just like newt said. This app seems to support online updating, so it need a server. Designer could update their assets to this server, too.

  • OKAY :

    • application engine, done!
    • update engine, done!


    <font size="2">(edit. Oh, it isn't the photoshop layout anymore, this is the real app in development).</font></center>

    There is only texts to type (description, information about plugins...).

    After that, I'll do a quick app which will let me update the database more easily, but I'll release this app before.

    For now, I didn't worry about Behaviors, but it'll come soon.

    I'll drop to developers a mail in the next few days to ask them if they could provide me a description of their plugins/behaviors. (if they want, awa they have time.) and a better resolution of their icon (I use them as illustration).

    If some of them read this, do not hesitate to drop me it to my email

    iosconstruct.devs ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

    The first release should come in the next few days.


  • Is this server maintained by yourself, or at scirra?

    Uh, I mean maybe scirra can maintain this server for every user to update these resources(plugins/behaviors/capx...).

  • why it says iOS Construct?

  • Brilliant!

  • rexrainbow

    It will be maintained by me. Scirra planned to do something on the website about third party plugins, but I don't know further about it.

    But I planned to improve the app with example capx, maybe more. All will depend of the users interest for this app.

    I'll do that for communauty, if people think it won't be usefull, I'll stop the maintenance.


    About iosconstruct, it's my 'pseudonym' as dev

  • I'm glad to join this plan.

    However, it's better for me if I only need to post/update once. (It seems to need post/update both forum and "Construct 2 Repository".) Could it be possible?

  • rexrainbow

    I will personally update the repo, as Kyatric does for the list thread.

    More details in the week ;)

  • Beta released

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  • Install it, click "Construct 2 Repository.exe", show an alert dialog (by os), then nothing happen.

    I'm using win7 64 bit.

  • Arghhhh

    It has to be launched on admin mode. Could you check it first.

    Maybe see with your firewall too.

    Let me know please

  • septeven

    I run it by admin mode, still nothing happen. (no connecting message.)

    Maybe other guys can run it.

  • Arhh

    I have no other computer to test it on :(

    I'll see it tomorrow and get back to you.

    If someone encounters the same issue, please tell me.

  • septeven, it loads fine, but I noticed I can't select any of the plugins. when I click and hold, I can scroll, but single click does not select plugin. Array stays selected at all times. Buttons work with one click (Like Install), but any (Install) button I click only wants to load Array. Am I doing something wrong?

    I have Windows 7.

    *** EDIT - Never mind... Double Click...   Got it :) But I did notice the All does not load on startup... You have to select something then go back to all for it to populate... by design?

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