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Represents weapon logic with a bullets stock, bullet clips, shoot/reload times and bullet instantiation.



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  • Hi everyone, I'm currently porting this behavior to C3. It can be downloaded here:

    It is in pre-alpha version, so, it might be filled with errors.

  • Hi, thanks for sharing this addon

    I am new, and would be cool to see how it works with a example file (.capx).

    Thanks a lot.

  • Please port! Very useful. Many items in the store need this to run and may not tell users ahead of time.

  • Good day, will port jj_Weapon on C3runtime?

  • This is pretty good but when you want to make the player angle toward the position to the Mouse.X and Mouse.Y, it does not work perfectly.

    I tried to shoot using Left-Mouse click button but that does not work with the key code so I need to set-up the event to make it work by when you left-click, it shoots. It does shoot one bullet per click. But that's okay.

    What not okay is the image point doesn't work. When I move left while the mouse is aiming to the right, it should shoot to the right but instead, it shoots to the left.