• Properties

    Clip size

    Count of bullets in each clip (-1 = infinity).

    Bullets in clip

    Bullets in clip at start (-1 = infinity)

    Bullets in stock

    Count of bullets for current weapon (-1 = infinity).

    Stock size

    Volume of current weapon for bullets. Max bullets count. (-1 = infinity).

    Shoot interval

    Interval in milliseconds between shoots.

    Reload time

    Reload time in milliseconds.


    When clip is empty, weapon start reload automatically.

    User control

    Type of weapon firing:

    None: weapon not controlling by player.

    Single: for each shoot user must make click (down and up key).

    Burst: down shoot-key for constantly shoot and up for enought.


    If disabled, weapon can not make shoots.

    Shoot key

    Name or code of key for shoot.

    Reload key

    Name or code of key for reload.

    Weapon image-point

    Set point for the weapon from which bullets will fly.

  • Actions

    Make a shoot

    Make a one shoot.

    Add bullets to clip

    Add bullets to a clip for object. You can use negative values (e.g.: -5)


    Count: The number of bullets to add to the clip.

    Set bullets in the clip

    Set bullets count in the clip of object. (-1 = infinity)


    Count: Set count of bullets in the clip.

    Set weapon bullets count

    Set bullets count for the current weapon. From 0 to -1 (=infinity)


    Count: Set count of bullets in the stock.

    Set weapon size of stock

    Set size of stock for the current weapon. (-1 = infinity)


    size: Set size of stock.

    Set size of the clip

    Set maximum of bullets count in a clip. (-1 = infinity)


    Count: Set maximum of bullets count in a clip.

    Set interval

    Set interval between shoots for current weapon (ms).


    Interval: Set interval between shots for current weapon (milliseconds).

    Set reload time

    Set interval between shoots for current weapon (ms).


    ReloadTime: Set interval for reload current weapon (milliseconds).

    Set ready to shoot

    Set the weapon to ready for a shoot.

    Disable weapon during...

    Set the disabled status for weapon during some time. (-1 = not limited in time)


    During: Disable weapon during in milliseconds. -1 means "not limited by time".

    Enable weapon

    Set the weapon enabled.

    Set shoot key

    Set the shoot key for weapon.


    Shoot key: Choose the key for shoot from weapon

    Set reload key

    Set the reload key for weapon.


    Reload key: Choose the key for weapon reload

    Set bullet instance

    Set the weapon bullet type.


    Bullet: Choose the bullet object for weapon


    Start reload.

    Cancel reload

    Cancel the current reload.

    Set bullet instance by name

    Set the weapon bullet type by name.


    Instance type name: Name of the bullet instance type.

  • Conditions

    Is ready

    True when the object is make pause and ready to shoot now.

    Bullets in clip

    True when the object clip have some bullets.


    Comparison: Choose bullets count to compare.

    Bullets count: The bullets in clip.

    Reload start

    True when weapon is reload start.

    Reload finish

    True when weapon is reload finish.


    True when the object is make shoot.


    True when weapon is disabled.


    True when weapon is enabled.

    Reload canceled

    True when weapon reload was canceled.

    Last shoot time

    True when has passed some time since last shoot.


    Comparison: Time in miliseconds to compare.

    Last shoot time: Last shoot time in miliseconds.

    Is reloading

    True when the weapon is currently reloading.

  • Expressions


    Get bullets count in the clip


    Get bullets count for weapon


    Get clip size


    Get shots interval


    Get reload time


    Get ready status


    Get disabled status


    Get last shot bullet UID


    Get is reloading


    Get last shoot time

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  • Good day, will port jj_Weapon on C3runtime?

  • This is pretty good but when you want to make the player angle toward the position to the Mouse.X and Mouse.Y, it does not work perfectly.

    I tried to shoot using Left-Mouse click button but that does not work with the key code so I need to set-up the event to make it work by when you left-click, it shoots. It does shoot one bullet per click. But that's okay.

    What not okay is the image point doesn't work. When I move left while the mouse is aiming to the right, it should shoot to the right but instead, it shoots to the left.