Construct 3 r209

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    I've run a number of tests and I've never observed the things you're describing. Please file issues following all the guidelines if you think there is a problem with Construct - we need all that information to be able to help.

    • Sorry to be a pain... If I use advanced minify script, the app freezes on the loading bar... If simple minify, takes longer to load, and if I don't minify at all, things seem to run ok (but I still get a black screen for a couple of seconds between loading and first layout. I dont think this is reportable by the standard protocol... Maybe I could record a video... Cause you wont be able to reproduce, just like that "editor frozen on chrome" bug. So maybe wait to see if someone get that issue.

      I fixed the appearance of the storyboard loader, my mistake. Not used to it and maybe not necessary for me. If I could have the storyboard layout with a functioning loading bar, that would be nicer.

      Well it will be nice to have the next stable released when it's ready. Cheers.