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So we’re going to carry on in a similar vein to last week – I’m gonna talk a bit about artwork. I finally got into gear and started creating more assets for the game, as you saw last week. And I have come to the conclusion, that while it’s quite fun, and the end result is hugely satisfying when you get it right, pixel art is hard.

I have a whole new appreciation for artists. I mean, I knew they were wizards anyway, but my god. I tried to create a lady with a ponytail earlier today. Sounds simple enough, I already have a woman designed, just needed tweaking. But honestly, every time I tried to draw what was in my head, she just looked like she’d grown some weird… thing… out of her head. It wasn’t good.

So, I looked around for some inspiration, and now I’ve got this little lady:

And I am so happy with how she came out!

It’s also been fun experimenting with different palettes, which is something I’ve not done before. And it’s been really interesting playing around with colours and seeing what works. Especially when it comes to skin tones – I do want a bit of variety in this game!

Plus. There’s something really cool about seeing your game with your own art in it. I’ve done a little mock-up of what one area might look like. Granted I only have 3 NPC designs, and some of the tiles need tweaking. AND the image hasn't come out brilliantly... But hey, better than nothing!

Would you guys be up for some art streaming at some point? It’s something I’ve thought about but haven’t really put the gears in motion. Plus it’s not technically Construct (until I import the artwork!)

In other news, I've figured out the most basic bit of the Line of Sight malarky I was working on, on Tuesday, I now just need to apply it to the more complicated NPCs. Hurrah!


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  • I know what it's like for artwork to not come out as I expected. Besides, my artwork is kinda dumb looking compared to yours that I personally think looks professional. I'll be selling my game once it's finished, I just hope people will think it's worth the price. How do you make that artwork so good? I mean, the player character for my game looks like some weird orange box with a head, arms, and legs. Of course, I'll work on that sometime soon. I hope it works out well for you!

  • Will this game make it to the public once it's finished?