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In my last blog post, On HTML5 audio formats , I discussed the patchy audio support in today's browsers. I argued that Internet Ex... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~8-13 mins read time
  • 448 visits
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Construct 2 is our brand new HTML5 game creator. One question that we keep getting asked is: why did we choose HTML5? Construct C... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~4-6 mins read time
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This post is now very old and out of date! It was originally posted in 2011. See here for more up-to-date information. In your HT... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~5-8 mins read time
  • 5,806 visits
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Release 47 went out today with animations support. This new feature will need testing - so let me outline how test builds work her... Read more
  • Posted
  • ~3-5 mins read time
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Welcome to the new Scirra website! You may have heard talk in the past about a new site coming, and here it is. There are a lot of... Read more
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